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I’m going through my numerous button jars, sifting and splashing about, trying to decide which one to finish the latest vest…


I really love the wild cat-eye buttons in square one, but there are tragically only three, and the other vest I have decided should have the same buttons. Two vests and ten buttons. Choices left then are either the wood, or the metal & plastic in third square.  I’m thinking I’ll go with the warm natural wood for both vests (the other one v-neck, this will be the crew-neck option). Which by the way , should both be done while racing against the clock, by this weekend. My personal goal is to have the pattern up and running by next week for test-knitters, so if you are interested, please say so!

Meanwhile, last night there was a spectacular storm-brewing and wind kicking up amidst a fantastic colorful firey sunset, with fog rolling in from the Pacific coast…sunset

I am still fighting a horrible cold, but fortunately I can stay home and get lots accomplished  with the knitting, while keeping the wood stove crackling, as its suddenly dropped to low 40’s outside. The blustery cold Autumnal mountain weather has finally arrived!

11 thoughts on “Buttons

  1. Oh those are one-of-a-kind, I got them at my favorite thrift shop! The thrift shop (Community Projects, in downtown Napa) has all these buttons on a rack which apparently some old woman volunteers her time sewing them on to cards to sell, from discarded old clothing. That is my first stopping point everytime I go in there. I am considering those black & silver ones for my next cardigan (the red one in Soft Donegal) .

  2. The silver buttons would be the classic look, but I can’t help loving those cats eye buttons. SO pretty. I really love the way the vest is coming out. Scrumptious looking.

    • I am almost ready to soak and block this light grey (crew neck) vest, for the second time, this one was ‘finished’ before remember? I have decided those silvery ones will be beautiful on red cardigan.

  3. Button decision is done, so nothing to say about that any more. But the “cat-eyed” ones are so very pretty matching the sprinkles in the yarn!
    Thrift shops are such a good idea, searching for buttons! Will keep this in mind, maybe for my vest sample…. Do you write this design in men size also? Could be a perfect christmas gift for my father! (oh, and how many skeins of Alafoss you needed?)

    • Petra, it will most definitely be in mens sizes up to 50! There will be a few different neck shapes, but otherwise, just as you see. This sample is a size 32 and I needed less than three 100g skeins, but I haven’t measured, I think depending on the size you want to make, for a man, four or five skeins. I’ll message you on Ravelry for all test-knit details, and as usual, I’m grateful for your considering!!! xxx

        • Thank you ! I will see you ‘around the corner’ at ravelry tomorrow ❤
          …. and my father is no giant 😃 just a sweet little Grandpa …..
          I hurry to bed, wishing you a smashing sunset today, hoping you are drinking lots of ginger tea, to get well again ❤

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