New Moss

jenjoycedesign© new mossI  went for a walk up the ridge in the foggy drizzle, and turned around only a short way up, where the bad burn begins.  But at that turning point something I saw took my breath away!  It was this bright yellow green carpet emerging from the wet black soot that has covered the dormant forest floor for seventeen months now.  Beads of water hang on the tips of the moss fronds, precious and glistening,  growing up from some magical deep rooted system, and truly a miracle of time and season!  Just as this new moss is sprouting ever so blithely and succulent from a colorless landscape, so I want to be.  I am so happy today to release incessant worries about what is not right,  for thinking it only constantly reaffirms and makes it persist in being.  I am prepared for weightlessness,  living for now,  happy, all focus on productivity of the present, and hyper sensitivity of natures regrowth,  because the greatest inspiration and design element from nature is right before me.
jenjoycedesign© new moss 3.jpg

14 thoughts on “New Moss

    • Thank you Wendy ! I kind of feel like the carpet of moss (which I use to love to see) is saying to me ” go further, walk on! ”
      So I will ! xx

  1. Oh, how lovely! (I’m always joking that change is bad — but sometimes, its inexorability can be such a comfort, eh?) I’m happy for you that things are looking up.

    • Taddy, I am surprised and impressed you find the charred trees dreamy… and yet, I guess I do too ( admittedly, I worried whether posting such a photo might be too dramatic ) , the cute adorable thirsty moss fronds, holding up their big wobbly drops of water just charm my socks off. Phoenix Moth ? xx

      • And boy do I feel like I’m old with wandering the hilly & hollow lands, but still I find regeneration and a yearning kind of connection with the moss!

  2. This is the first time I have visited your site and viewed your incredible, meaningful photos and patterns. Your words bring such hope and beauty to what must have been a horrific experience. I am glad to see you found life renewing so soon after that deadly fire. And I am glad such an artistic woman survived to experience the renewal of your home.

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