Out in Autumn

Many weeks have passed since my last post on the equinox. I guess I just wanted to let October drift through the days without attention to anything in particular. Now comes November, and the most Autumnal month in the year it seems to me, and rain came yesterday, then this morning the chill was upon us. How could I resist going out with Juno and my camera to walk through the woods and say hello to our overgrown trail? Sniffing all the lovely smells, the spicy moist bay leaves and moldy musky smell of rained-on wild hay, crunching through fallen leaves and over thousands of acorns, kissing the awakened moss and climbing over yet more fallen trees, and admiring the grey clouds hanging by themselves in an otherwise blue sky. Its as though the landscape swells and sighs, as I do, into the moist cool healing after a difficult hot summer. Now home, the grey clouds are gathering, promising perhaps another shower, as a good mood, with cozy knitting with coffee inside . . .

(click the tree to go to the slideshow)

9 thoughts on “Out in Autumn

      • Thank you so much! I am busy consolidating a variety of madnesses here before returning to the Ghosttown.
        We are experiencing our 3rd La Nina. Floods throughout my area.
        I have leased a studio and become a yarn dyer!
        True story.
        More soon

        • You always make me grin ear to ear with the excitement you create in your life. OMG… you have become a what…. a yarn dyer!!! I am sooo proud of you! I am on the edge of my seat for the next news installment.
          PS. I too have been thinking about doing more dying, getting back into the tweed blending, etc…… and so we can compare our work ! xx

          • I am thrilled to find years of work/madness now consolidating.
            And yes, I am a yarn-dyer! Lol.
            I read and studied for a long time before taking the leap.
            At the moment I am playing/working on a range of “I-Scream Socks” on my base “Tootise”. These are anything but subtle OOAKs.
            Probably not to your taste BUT they work hard in colourwork designs!!!
            I have a website to build!
            At present I am able to do the occasional market. I have no interest in “building” a “brand”as such. The idea of a wholesale order sends me screaming.
            I will email you with some images!
            I am so pleased you are still my friend.
            My absence was born of a period of extended panic where I could not reach out.
            Much love to you Jen

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