The Textiles of Cusco

What do you get when you bring together a remote and rugged high mountain range, herds of soft downy llamas, alpacas, sheep, and an indigenous people who’s thirst for artfulness is apparent in all they do?   You get beautiful textiles steeped in ancient traditional, as in the Cusco region of Peru!

I’ve been watching this video over and over, fascinated in the weavings of the Cusco region, and life’s work of Nilda Callañaup Alvarez ,  while I knit and think about All Things Peruvian.  So much that I’m feeling a deep inward shift in this direction. But that is all for now, more to come later.

Soon I will have to put everything down to make my brother a chullo, which I knit nearly every year around his birthday, and I am giddy because this year I will get to knit one from my own design.

♥    ♥    ♥

News: I am happy to say that we got the quote from the building contractors, and we’ll manage to build our house again!  We will have to do some of the finish work ourselves, like flooring, and who knows what else, but that is nothing like when we built the whole house before. The timeline of starting date is still unknown, as is an estimated time of finish,  and I suppose everything is getting queued up for a fast and furious build sometime this upcoming spring.  I find it so difficult to blindly wait without knowing when I will go back home.   Anyway, the  very best-case scenario, if everything goes well, and which I am visualizing for dear life,  is that we could very possibly be moving back into our rebuilt house this …  coming …  Autumn … ?

14 thoughts on “The Textiles of Cusco

  1. Oh wow, the work going on there is amazing. I could watch those weavers for hours. I’d love to visit to meet with them and bring home some textiles. I was amazed at how fast the women used their pick up sticks to select warp threads.

    • Thank you Morrie. I don’t want to even discuss worst-case with anybody, will not even think. Right now it’s Autumn I am gearing up to getting my life back. Until then, focusing on the microcosm of things, and my garden!

  2. 🎉 hurray! Wonderful news! I am so happy to hear things will get back to normal – such as the ritual return of knitting your brother’s birthday chullo!
    I will keep fingers crossed for you ❤

    • Jeff thinks not good to hold on to best case scenario, but it’s all I can do to get me through this black time. But once finished with the fishermens sock design, I am on to All Things Peruvian! THank you chen chen

    • I am so happy to hear that progress has been made and that your house will soon be built.

      Thank you for posting the video, it was great, I will watch it again. The weavers and spinners are amazing and the items they make are beautiful.

      Lots of positive thoughts for you. 🙂

      • Wen, I have not been able to stop watching these Peruvian weaving videos and feel another South American adventure on the horizon. But first, finishing the St Andrews Harbour…. xx

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