jenjoycedesign© sunrise

After losing most of my things in the wildfire,   I am scouting again.

jenjoycedesign© drain

  Earlier this week I found this retro beauty in a local consignment shop of antique & vintage objects,   and we picked it up this morning.

jenjoycedesign© sunrise 1

A bathtub is not a delicate or graceful object, and I certainly wasn’t expecting to find one  while out scouting in the thrift & antique shops,  but the utmost in useful things in my opinion, something of daily life, and lifestyle.   I can’t express just how gratified it makes me feel to begin to find pieces of a home again,  which is in so many ways my identity.

jenjoycedesign© sunrise 2

This goes especially for used things,  sturdy and elegant old-fashioned  things that have already endured decades of use. I love, love, love old things, and am ready and eager to bring them into our new house, which likely won’t be any sooner than a year, but I can begin finding now.  We will have at least saved a fortune snatching up this one, and not waiting until later to buy new.

jenjoycedesign© sunrise 4

I suppose I am like so many other Nesters, completely taken in by the beauty of a utilitarian thing like an old bath tub.

jenjoycedesign© sunrise 12

My new finding does have me feeling pleased with myself,  even though for now it will have to stand patiently  next to a big window in our holding place, and I think it will come in handy as a giant yarn bowl, or laundry basket, until  eventually  the new house is built.

jenjoycedesign© sunrise 11

Frustrations over painfully slow rebuilding aside, and nature’s cruel black hand is far from getting use to, but admittedly life is seeming to feel good again as this particular finding brings my focus forward to what might be.

17 thoughts on “Finding

    • Isn’t it Lance? We had a Sunrise Tub which damn near melted in the fire! It was a double slipper, and I had my heart set on getting a ” new ” one (these retro tubs are made new today, this likely isnt’ that old, as you probably know) and so I found one. Saved a fortune too! Thanks for peeking in~ xxx

    • Michele, hello! It will be at least a year, I’m not fooling myself, but yes, one piece at a time, although I plan on far fewer pieces at this point in life. xx

  1. Fabulosity incarnate. I think you might end up wanting another one as a permanent yarn bowl. I’m so glad your possession-acquisition mojo has returned. Such is the stuff of life, that life is in the stuff. Right? ♡♡♡

    • Taddy, we at least saved a fortune buying this tub at this shop, rather than waiting to buy a new one when the house will be ready… which is another story all together, no idea when it will start. Having ‘talks’ with the builders, etc. Anyway, can one live comfortably with just yarn and a porcelain bath tub? I think so! xx

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