Woods Knitting

I took my knitting outside, one of the sleeves. I walked about, holding it up to the woods, against Madrone trees, against Bays, against the span of the woods, to see if it is indeed a woodsy colorway. I think that it most definitely is! So it is decided, this sweater will be named ‘Woodsy’.  The camera’s eye isn’t detecting the third color very well, there are three distinct colors here.

Woodsy on the bench…

Woodsy with Emma…

Woodsy down the road…

Catching up today with things In The Woods. I think I will be doing a knit-and-walk a little later (down that very road).  I am thinking it’s highly possible, that if I don’t put my knitting down for any significant time,  I could finish the nieces Autumn sweaters easily by the Autumnal Equinox. Easy peasy.

A blurry glimpse of my Emma & me (in the woods)…DSCN7209

5 thoughts on “Woods Knitting

  1. Woodsy, Woodsy down the road,
    Woodsy, Woodsy on a toad,
    Woodsy, Woodsy on a bench,
    Woodsy, Woodsy with a wrench
    Woodsy, Woodsy and a dog
    Woodsy, Woodsy on a log.
    Woodsy, Woodsy here and there
    Woodsy, Woodsy everywhere. –mb

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