Nep Clouds 2

jenjoycedesign© nep-rolags

Nep clouds from last post have been layered on the blending board with more wool, then rolled off into lovely speckled neppy rolags! You can barely see the imbedded blue and green neps in the white cormo wool, but I know when I begin to spin they are going to pop! 

jenjoycedesign© nep-rolags3

Next is the spinning, but first, what I did . . .

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Techy Stuff . . .

I layered twice, actually with a different wool (undyed white Cormo) layered in-between nep clouds (see last post for how I made nep clouds ), wanting to be sure the neps were well homogenized. It would have been a good idea to use a light grey , to show the blending steps separate from the nep clouds. Next time! 

  • Layered first wool, then blue nep cloud, then wool, then green nep cloud, then wool — taking opportunity to evenly disperse with my hands, clumps of neps, and then l lifted batt off of board.
  • Layered handfuls of the batt again, to get all nice and well blended.
  • Drew rolags off with large knitting needles in a slightly tensioned  ” combing ” motion. 
  • Rolags ready to spin!  (click the 1st image below to go to slideshow) 
  • See Blending For Tweed Simplified for my basic blending board slideshow how-to.

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5 thoughts on “Nep Clouds 2

  1. Brilliant! They look great. And I love that you added more white to ensure artful embedding of the neps.
    I took my blending board to spinning where my fibre-preparation friend Ruth oohed-and aahed over my new board (as did all the ladies!).
    My lesson turned into an impromptu workshop and it was great fun.
    And I ended up with lovely rolags.
    I told the ladies about your nep experiments and they were all thrilled to find a new use for yarn scarps.
    Tomorrow I am off to Ruth’s Alpaca “farm” to help her process Alpaca.
    Not enough hours in the day honey!
    I can’t wait to see how your rolags spin up.
    I too am excited and inspired to continue. I have some Corriedale I dyed which I want to now blend!!!
    More hours!!!!!
    Much love

    • Karin, How cool that you are helping out your fiber pals! Alpacas are so sweet for the soul, if you meant that she has a flock? And its lovely that you’re now blending your own dyed fiber!
      As for my nep experiments; I am spinning the first experiment right now, hoping to have two spools of singles by the end of the day and ply tomorrow, wash, thwack, and dry, then post by the weekend. Hope. These neps are nothing like some of the other nep experiments I’m seeing on youtube (which oddly seem like they would fly off) these stick inside a bit better. The applying the nep clouds to the blending board is essential for proper rolags, to get woolen spinning, but I might try some short-draw spinning directly from the cloud next. Gawd, I almost sound like I know what I’m doing, which I do not! xx

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