Nep Clouds 3

I am having a lot of fun documenting every step of my Nep Clouds “recipe” .  However, I think the improvement I will make on my next nep cloud experiment, I will avoid using bulky weight yarns for the snippet neps ( see first post Nep Clouds ) as I struggled with some of the neps being too stiff and unmalleable, so instead I’ll try fingering, sport, or dk weight. These are the single ply bobbins, and I wanted to show how present the blue and green neps are even at this stage. Next will be plied, skeined, and washed finale!

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6 thoughts on “Nep Clouds 3

    • I can’t wait for you to try as well! Actually the whole process is so simplified its hardly worth making a big deal out of , but what the heck, my neps recipe is documented… lol! xx

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