Introducing Really Red !

At last “Really Red” is finished.

And she is my own design !

A detail of her yoke’s beautiful colors of Autumn , from the back . . .

A detail of my moss stitch rib with vikkel braid, and vintage wooden buttons . . .

Red’s yoke sparkles with the very same red, gold, and brown tones of leaves turning in  Autumn on the grape vines near by, where we walk . . .

And in the greyish dark woods, she really pops out !

And in the very very near future . . .

leftover yarn means a matching tam !!!

(I’ve already cast on !)

*   *   *
In closing, a spectacular view of mist-covered mountains,

from yesterday’s Knit~Walk,  overlooking Autumn colors of what I like to the “North Bay Highlands” of California.

* * *
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34 thoughts on “Introducing Really Red !

  1. Such a beutiful creation. I’m more than inspired, I well may be galvanized to bring my own “little purple” out of its hibernation. Your photos are magnifique. This sweater suits you to a T, or perhaps an S for sweater 🙂

    • Morrie, you if anybody knows my sense of accomplishment on this one ! You gave me a great lesson last year in getting a photograph taken, and that’s to throw your personality into the aim of the camera… and well, though I didn’t do that very well this photo session, I promise to when the Really Red Tam to go with , is ready for photographing !!! Thank you wee hen xxx

    • Thank you very much for the compliment ! I think that yes, your naturally dyed yarns would be a winning combination ! I am a real fan of hand-dying too. 🙂

  2. It’s lovely. I am a real sucker for anything red but this is a real class act. The stitch detail, the vikkel braid, the moss stitch and the colour combination all add up to a superb design – i hope you are proud of yourself – I am!!

    Looking forward to the Tam. 🙂

    • Aww Lizzi, your pride in me makes me all that more determined to do it again. Thands so much for your presence here on Yarnings, it makes all the difference. Tam coming up !!!

      • Hurray!! I love to hear of folk progressing and learning new things – pushing the boundaries and stepping out of their comfort zone. Doing new activities keeps us inquisitive and open to new ideas. If we are still learning into our nineties we will never be old.

        (that was a bit of a lecture – sorry – got carried away) 🙂

        • Your lectures are not only welcome, they’re apreciated ! Pushing the comfort zone gets more and more difficult, I think , the older we get, but how poetic and encouraging to realize that as I continue to challenge myself and learn, that I will never be old. xx 🙂

  3. Someone asked me earlier “Do you have a photo of it so that I can see the yoke?” and we can’t see the comment (it was tagged to one of the photos rather than the post comments) , … and, I replied to the commenter that I *did* show a very close-up detail of the yoke in a photo by itself (thinking that was somehow enough) ~~~ however, not soon afterward, I realzed that in fact, the commenter must have meant a close-up of the yoke of *moi* modelling the sweater ~~ and perhaps one wthout my hair in the way ??? Lol. A very important detail I have learned, and you can be certain , that Really Red Tam wlll be modelled better ! (I am no professional) 🙂

    • Thanks Irish Girl ! You know, I’m behind reading your blog too, so dont’ feel bad. I admit though, I was looking forward to when you finally found it here.
      It came to a close really fast ; you know I just didn’t want to cut that steek for so long because it was really seriously snug in the chest , but I lost a few pounds miraculously over the Autumn, and decided to go along with it, and so I took those scizzors out and did it Even with button bands, its still rather snug, but I like it that way, and dare i say it doesn’t look bad on me. Tam is done, just waiting for the Christmas knitting to finish and I will post as the first in the New Year !

  4. BEAUTIFUL! Well done, c friend! And I must say, your photography is beyond beautiful. Are you taking a photography course or something. One of these days I will knit a yoke sweater and now I know which pattern to use and who will walk me through it! 😉

    • Thank you SocksMum … as you realize, this was an epic project for me, in that I didn’t use a pattern, and I made everything have to fit together… then, it didn’t fit me. 😉 Well, I haven’t been studying photography at all, and I’m pretty limited , just using the CanonP50 we got on close-out sale three years ago now.. but I’m learning a lot about where is best to photograph for the most drama. So I guess I’m saying, I am making myself figure it out, though less to do with the camera and more to do with the setting. Yeah, me walk you through a stranded project, right. I rememeber before this blog existed, when I was perusing yours, how completely in awe of your abilty I was (and still am).

    • Thank you so much Rosanna ! You know what? This sweater was to be like the one I made for you (the one in ‘ My Own’ which I call ‘Rosanna’, but I ended up going astray in the yoke and not being able to fit in all the motifs, and had to change it. Thank you and I wish you well braving the winter there in your yurt in the snow, but you have lots of wood ! 😉 xx

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