Reworking Calidez Neck bind-off

You may have worn your cardigan or pullover a few times and found the neckline stretching out in a most disappointing way. Do not worry ~ it can be fixed!   First, know that it is easy for pullover or sleeves to rework, just snip toward the end of the round the bind-off chain and unravel the round, or two rounds, or all the ribbing, and rework with maybe a smaller needle, and a decreasing bind-off.

But  with a cardigan that unraveling in a round is impossible, your choice is only to rework the bind-off itself, and I suggest a decreasing bind-off. Carefully snip the bind off just in from the band an inch or so, then unravel bind-off stitch by stitch while mounting stitches on to needle. Using the yarn just unraveled, or if you have a left-over ball of the same from your project, rework bind off while decreasing by knit-2-together (k2tog) for every 4 or 5 stitches you work into the bind-off.

It can be a bit of a trick then matching up the old edge and the new bind-off end, but with a bit of trying it will be satisfactory. I just reworked my precious cardigan in Donegal Tweed because I found that being a size or two too large, the Autumn neckline option after it stretched out was really not fitting well. So now it is much much better!  Here’s a slide show of the surgery…

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