Into the mist …

jenjoycedesign© mist 3

Went for a stroll out in the drizzling rain,  and took a few photos into the veil of mist.  jenjoycedesign© mist2

The mist softens the blackened soil, but the grass is growing up through it in the open spaces now, hovering over and caressing the wound of the wildfire.

I am feeling a nearly unperceivable whispering heartbeat of optimism …

jenjoycedesign© mist

… as if life might still be good after all, in spite of itself.

15 thoughts on “Into the mist …

  1. You can’t keep the good earth down (get it? The Good Earth?)…or a good explorer on a good ex-po-to-tion. Grow, tall grass, grow…til time and times are done.

    • Taddy, Spring will tell us what things will shape up to be, until then, its still pretty awfully black, and I am refraining from showing the ugliness… only trying to artfully present the situation, as usual. xx

    • It will be in the least ” interesting ” and hopefully a lucky bit of “glorious” … time will tell. For now just black trunks, trees slowly toppling over … and many deciduous trees still with last season’s growth, dead (heat scorched but not burned) and still upright.

  2. I’m glad things are a little greener with new life. I can’t wait to start seeing things take new shape. I know you will keep us posted! ❤️

    • Debbie, as you see enough of the fires wrath on your side of the mountain, I know you mean it from the heart. I find it very courageous of everyone to keep going. xx

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