Lengthening Bottom-Up Sleeves & Body


To lengthen seamless knit-in-the-round pullover, as Calidez , which is knit bottom-up from edging, one must cut into the knitting, pick up stitches, then knit length outward, reworking the edge.  NOTE: This will only work if you add the length in stockinette knit section, will not work in the ribbing, for it will be impossible to line the ribs up.

Simply follow these steps:

  1. As close as possible to ribbing, in the stockinette rounds, cut off cuff, staying in one round as much as you can.
  2. Carefully remove snipped bits of yarn from ‘live’ stitches and mount stitches on appropriate sized needle.
  3. Work the length you wish to (be advised you have cut up 1 or 2 rows which must be reknit before you get to the extra length.
  4. Work edging to desired length.
  5. Repeat for other sleeve by matching row counts from underarm to be exact.
  6. For body, work the same as for sleeve.
  7. Weave in ends, then steam fresh knit areas well with wet cloth between steam iron and knitting, without pressing, first inside, then outside of garment, until garment has even surface and line of add on has receded

Below is a photo slide-show illustrating steps.

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Finished !

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