Embroidering Grapes on to your Winemakers Waistcoat

jenjoycedesign©Vineyard Rows embroidery how-to 7.JPG

 Tutorial for grape clusters embroidery is extracted from Vineyard Rows Tam pattern.

After you have washed and blocked your tam, wine tones of  yarn worked into French knots in tiny clusters representing grapes, are a lovely accent to work into the lower half of tam.  Below the fold line, on large grape leaf border, you can choose to place just a few, or as many clusters as you desire.

1. With tapestry needle threaded with yarn color of choice, bring yarn through from the back of work

2. Wrap tip of tapestry needle two or three times twice with yarn, while holding yarn secure in other hand.

3. Push tip of needle, while wraps held secure with a little tension.

4. Pull yarn through to back while wraps then are held secure into a knot.

Repeat as you like, using one or more colors of wine tones, creating interesting clusters of varying hues hanging from the vine motifs. For large grapes, try two strands of 2ply, or 3 strands very fine lace yarn in varying tones of wine.

For likeness to authentic grapes, be sure to embroider the clusters beneath the vine branches, not above, and in between leaves, or appearing partially behind grape leaves.