Tips From The Table


Welcome to my Tips From The Table !  Table : handmade by Jeff.  Tips & Tutorials : assembled by me.  Here is where I dish up & serve my own recipes of techniques , interpreted or otherwise invented by me , and photograph right on this table… mostly having to do with my own designs. Below are links to separate pages with detailed tips & tutorials . . .


Making a felted Toorie

Making the button for Snowmelt Tam & Toque 

Duplicate Stitching for Snowmelt Tam

Making a Chuflín tassel for Chaltén Beret

Post where I show how I make a FURRY tassel !!!

Grape clusters embroidery for Winemakers Waistcoat & Vineyard Rows

Reworking Neckline for Calidez

Lengthening Bottom-Up Knitted Sleeves & Pullover Body

 Three-In-One  Swatching  (for  circular knitting only).


I have a favorite colorwork tutorial video that I learned from, and I would like to recommend, by  Philosophers Wool:   Two-Handed (Fair Isle) stranding technique from Philosophers’ Wool   From the link you will find a full video available for purchase, or you can view the partial video, which does give excellent instruction for the technique.

2 thoughts on “Tips From The Table

    • Thanks Lizzi… it was a long time coming, the Tips From The Table feature…. I can’t believe it took me so long to get a tutorial together, but now that I have begun, I have many more coming. I’ve always needed a place to post my ideas ! 🙂 xx

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