Duplicate Stitch for Snowmelt Tam


In as many shade variants of flower color as you have handy,  duplicate stitch is a very simple way to add not only a spot of color, but  varied spots of different colors, making the flowers really pop out, and look so much like a real meadow. Use different shades of same yarn, or similar weight of other wool yarns,  even a couple of strands of crewel wool will do!

Step 1:  Thread tapestry needle with contrast color.  Step 2: Bring yarn forward from back of work, through base of stitch you are overlaying.  Step 3: Follow stitch and thread yarn behind base of stitch above it.  Step 4: Bring yarn back through base of stitch, to back of work.   Step 5: Move on to next, changing colors randomly as you go. Tie off in back and cut short, do not weave in ends.

Here is a photo slideshow of the process. Easy!


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