Making a Felted Toorie


Make a felted Toorie !

A Toorie is a compact felted pompom seen on many Scottish tams & berets.

To make pompom…

1. Cut a round piece of cardboard about 3 inches in diameter, and then cut through the edge toward the middle (making an opening to pass yarn through) and cut out about 3/4 inch circle from center. You have a donut-shaped form with a slit cut through on one side.

2. Wind yarn around outer and inner part of form, about 150 times or more and disperse evenly , or fewer times holding 2 or more colors for a multi-colored pom pom.

3. With a 24” length of yarn, double thread onto a tapestry needle, and on one side only of the cardboard, pass needle under all wound yarn, around middle hole, and then pull tight, leaving 4 equal length tails about 6”

4. Cut with sharp scissors, along one side of the cardboard on the outer edge, cutting wraps in half & freeing them from the cardboard. Be careful NOT to cut the tail (you will need to tie on to the hat). Tie tightly and knot secure. Trim your pom pom down to about 1.75” or so in diameter, or as you like.

Now, to make your pompom into a compact felted “toorie” you simply want to work it a bit more, but it will only work with wool and mostly-wool blends.

001 (2)

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5. Wet the pom pom in some hot soapy water, vigorously roll it in your palms until it is just barely felted.  Rinse well and  and then shake it little bit ( at this point it will look like something the cat brought in).

6. Hang dry from its tail.  When your toorie is fully dry, give it another trim down to about 1.5 inches or more, neaten it up & tie on to hat!

Below is step-by-step visual slideshow of making a pom pom & toorie. (wait to start with photo same as above.)

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