Making Chuflín (tassel) For Chaltén Beret

dos chuflines

Chuflínes or tassels in style of Andean Folk craft, to embellish Chaltén Beret:

1. Around 3×5″ card folded in half lengthwise, or ruler, measuring aprox. 1.5 inches, wrap main color yarn 20 times.
2. Thread about 12” length of yarn through one end and tie all the wraps together secure, this tie ends remain as they will be used to tie on to beret.
3. Slide tassel off of card.
4. With one of the two contrasting colors, wrap around about 20 times to make a shank at least half as long as tassel, tie off secure, and draw ends through shank and out center of bottom.
5. Trim bottom of tassel so that ends are even.
6. With second contrasting color, embellish shank of tassel by wrapping around and spearing through middle of shank to other side while embroidering ‘ X ‘ designs on both sides, or just wrap in a way that creates a crossing design and tie secure.
7. Tie off all ends and draw through shank through bottom and trim even with rest of tassel.

See slideshow for step-by-step visual.

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