Stranded on Fair Isle.

jenjoycedesign© blocking tam

I’ve been feeling like knitting design has taken a back seat for so long that it was becoming inconsequential to big things going on (so many big big things), so I decided to get focused again and design a tam during the week-long power outage in Napa last week. Here it is blocking inside-out on a blocking board drying into shape with a lot of pins. The motif is quite apropos to the power situation, but I won’t be showing it off right-side-out yet, as it is a test-knit to an upcoming pattern idea. That is, I am waiting for my order of Elemental Affects Shetland yarn to arrive for something heart-warming and cheerful for the holidays, but having wanted something to  ‘sketch’ the motif with, I dug into my yarn drawer and pulled out four balls of Jamiesons Spindrift to make a grey-scale version of the colorful holiday one forthcoming, but with a little bit of a sinister spin on it.  And that is all you get to know for now.

♥    ♥    ♥

Oh! And I’d like to mention that it was ten years ago about this time of year that I was becoming obsessed by Fair Isle colorwork,  having knit my first ever Fair Isle tam,  and so I decided to get stranded out in the colorwork rounds again after a two-year colorwork hiatus.  It has been thoroughly delightful and introspective!

13 thoughts on “Stranded on Fair Isle.

    • Thats the magic of a tam, the kaleidoscoping motifs making one dizzy trying to figure out what the motif is. I had lots of fun. By the way, did you know that first ever tam I knit 10 years ago , was the grey tones one i gave to you?

      • I do remember it being up there with the first, but I didn’t realize it was THE first!! It is safe with my other knitted treasures from you. Well, my favorite fingerless gloves, the moss green cable design, are in the car ready for the cold morning drives into work. 🙂

  1. I’ve become a little bit obsessed with stranded knitting. This tam looks like another Jen gem. Please let me know if you’d like a test knitter when you’re ready to share.
    ❤️ V

    • Virginia, how perfect then is the timing! I would LOVE if you wanted to test-knit the forthcoming tam! I will send you charts and pattern as soon as you like ~~ Thank you!! xx

  2. Oh hurray! So beautiful! Amazing 😍
    And such a perfect blocking board and pins….. So exciting!
    I would love to give you a help with test knitting…… you know that 🤗

    • Petra, I am going to be finished with the prototype this weekend, then, if I can get a lovely photograph for it, will be submitting very soon. I will then just do a brief pattern give-away in The Group, and you can decide then? I hope you do knit one, I think it is a design that expresses your delight in the winter holidays! xx

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