Fourteen and a half.

DSC_0173We’ve been hunkered down through a week long power out and biting our nails while Kincade Fire raged in Sonoma County very close by, and my friends from around the world have been worried about us from hearing about it on the news. California is once again the crazy Wild West,  its been a rough last week in October, but November is at long last here.  Oh, and today is Emma’s half birthday.

As a little celebration of Emma’s fourteenth half  birthday, I am having a little two-for-one pattern spree for Walking With Emma  (a collection of eight sock patterns) over on Ravelry , and for details on that, please check it out on my forum post here.

In any case, we’re busy hanging doors, tiling, and in general making our house more of a home every weekend.  I suppose soon I ought to post some house project photos, but here is one ~~  the laundry line is up!

laundry line up, and Emma.JPG

16 thoughts on “Fourteen and a half.

  1. Happy Fourteen and a half Birthday Emma. 🎉

    Sending lots more positive thoughts your way. I so hope that the fires will be out soon.

    • Wen, Emma is having a fine time, and she’s appreciating being the center of attention nearly always. The big wildfire is nearly contained, so I can relax a little. I hope you’re having a lovely time xx

    • Its amazing for sure, how she’s still here looking after me… us. I’m making her a lovely little pot of chicken & rice with yams, and peas. 🙂 xx

  2. Happiest and fullest of half-birthday wishes to Emma!
    What a beautiful dawg. I don’t know what it is but old dogs touch the heart like no other.
    Thrilled you can begin to relax a little.
    What a time!

    • I think so too, a ‘totable’ Emma is just as cute as anything can be, even at 80 pounds. lol. Just cherishing every day she’s around with us still.
      I hope you’re having a lovely Spring!

  3. Hi, Jen hope you remember me, sorry I haven’t written but I don’t think it was coincidence that today I was talking about you and I was wondering if everything is ok and I’m so happy you are. Happy Birthday to Emma I miss my beautiful chocolate Labrador Sabrina we lost her to cancer last February. So take care each other and a big hello and hug to you.

    • Thank you Becky! The Kincade Fire is going to be completely contained in the next few days they say.

      You know, when a pet or person is either very very young, or very very old, half birthdays are a big accomplishment! 🙂

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