Knitters From The World

Hiyastricklust's Solstice Tam

photo by Hiyastricklust

From an enchanted coast in Denmark,  you might by chance see a lovely lady strolling the rocky Baltic Sea edge in a Solstice Lanterns Tam.  This is an outstanding knit of the design, as I am so very fond of the natural colorway of Hiyastricklust’s tam.  Hers is a great example of how the kaleidoscopic affect of the motifs alone are interesting enough, without making the lantern “lights” a focal point. It is a “lights out” version.

Hiyastricklust's Solstice Tam 2

photo by Hiyastricklust

Oh and is that really a thatched roof I see in the countryside there?   Utterly charmed lives some knitters have ~~ thank you Hiyastricklust, for your lovely artful knitting !

14 thoughts on “Knitters From The World

    • Virginia, like you, I love her decrease. I am not sure (not that expert on centered raised decreases) but I think that might be a different method . I’ll hope that Petra answers our question. 🙂

      • 😍 My wonderful SIL…… She did a stellar example of your beautiful design Jen, but I guess, she just did another / any kind of decrease. Maybe happened by accident, but with an interesting effect.
        Strolling by the seaside! Put that right now on my to do list!

        • Petra, there she is, your SIL!!! I have actually done the same decrease once but now as I don’t have all those FO’s around the house in a big chest, I have to just try to remember. I think it was in an Alice Starmore Fair Isle book I learned.
          Anyway , yes, I think its time you go strolling along the Baltic Sea’s edge too. 🙂 xx

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