A Well-Mannered Sweater Tee

Presenting Jenjoyce’s Pin-Striped Sweater Tee !

If you cast your mind back to these posts , you’ll understand that I’ve been brewing & stewing, writing, test-knitting and refining this design for several months now, having knit one after another.   I’ve been having some major knitting epiphanies and feeling very excited about it all.

Notice how it drapes so well on the chair ? That is because it is a fairly delicate creature, with polite,  well-mannered and refined character ~~ yet rugged , made of durable sock yarn, and ready for adventure !


This tee is knit with fingering weight sock yarn on size #6 needles, and it has created an exquisite sheer quality one doesn’t see unless it is held up against back-lighting.


And it is a very fine fabric indeed, so when it is folded, it lays in a discreet , low-profile sort of way. It just screams springtime! And summer too!

Pour yourself a cold drink, and pour yourself into this delightful knitted top, it has just the right amount of negative ease, as it possesses impressive resilience. Not to mention cheerfulness unique about itself, what with all those tiny stripes melting into one another. It just invites compliments from every angle !


It has raglan decreases at the shoulders (even through the neck ribbing), is totally seamless as it is knit in-the-round, has  single row color changes (pin-stripes as I call them) , provisional cast-on bottom and sleeves,  and . . .


miles of 2-stitch cord bind-off , finishing a single rib , wide, but not too wide, which makes a lovely neat, sophisticated edge.

A well-mannered sweater tee indeed, and it’s being posted to Vancouver very soon, to live with Maya !



Pattern for Pin-Striped Sweater Tee is HERE

22 thoughts on “A Well-Mannered Sweater Tee

    • Thank you so much Carol, my highly prized knitting companion ! 🙂
      I’ve one more to go, for the older sister of the young lady this tee is going to, and it will have modifications (3/4 length sleeves and cropped) . Then its time for me to buckle down with the Balmoral Bonnet !!! 🙂 xx

  1. This is SO my kind of sweater. I LOVE the neckline and stripes are my favourite thing EVER. You *know* I want to knit it.; 🙂 Your work is so beautiful, Jen…with such wonderful attention to details. I know our “friend” Kate would be so proud. xoxo

    • Debbie !!!! Thank you so very much for your colossal praise !!! You know what? You are the FIRST EVER to *ask* to come to my virtual knitting room !!! Its under construction as I write this to you, and I will soon give you the scizzors to cut the ribbon, and there we will go in, with our needles, our yarn, and have cake (the kind that is imaginary, perfectly acceptable for a primal diet 😉 … and coffee and tea … and work the text into perfect submission ! Are you really ready ?

  2. I like that! So pretty and fun! I hope your next sweater shows up here also. I’d love to see it too 🙂 They are lucky nieces. I’d love to knit one for myself, but I’m not sure I’m ready……

    • I’ve sent you the password to the secret passageway anyway Martha , as I have all the wonderful people who regularly read and comment . 🙂

    • Hello Sidney ! Thank you very much for your compliments, and I’m so glad you’ll join us. I will email you the instructions where and how to get there. 🙂

  3. It’s so zen! I love every bit of your thoughtful, fearless adventure into designing and saying it in words too. Fingering-weight sweaters are my all-time favorite wear! Terrific photographs to really show off the sweater, sis ❤

    • Oh thank you so much Sarah !!! You know, I’ve been so shy, but yes, now I’m stepping out… even shyly so. Would you like to join us in the Tee Party? xx

      • I am thrilled and excited for you coming out and sharing your talents, sis! I love the mittens and the top you have designed so beautifully. My plate is overrun right now and with three more weeks of driving the kids around and high in competition season, I am torn between yes and no. What’s your deadline? It didn’t say. And you know how I manage my life with deadlines, lol!

        • Thanks so much for your praise Sarah, its a lot coming from you, who is a pro ! I haven’t even thought of a deadline… I’m just trying to get it knit up . This is not an official test-knit even. Don’t worry about knitting it now, you can later ! 😉

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