Fish a little, croft a little, weave a yard or two (2)

I am revisiting a very personal ambition of blending signature colors from local landscape and spinning into yarn, as is always the genius of Harris Tweed, and it all began for me in this post a few years ago.  Soon my own color blending experiments were born, and became a literal obsession with me, and I created Tweed Chronicles on this blog. But also it is about my intrigue of the life of a weaver, particularly the tweed weavers of the the Hebrides, their tradition and industry that has held on through the test of time.   Whenever I find an old film about textiles, or mills, I am sure to post it here, and I do look often for the most wonderful ones, and it appears that I have dug one up out of the vast archives of the internet.  The film opens with the weavers working their fields, cutting peat, doing the work of island life, but soon gets in to some great footage of the Harris Tweed company making warp bundles to deliver out to the resident weavers of the island, then once in the hands of the weavers, warp is set up on their looms, weft shuttles loaded, and then the shuttles fly.  I love how when the cloth is finished, its left out on the roadside to be picked up by the Harris Tweed people.  I know you’ll love this little gem as much as I do!

9 thoughts on “Fish a little, croft a little, weave a yard or two (2)

    • Regina, I think you’ll get a giggle out of the fact that after ALL the work that goes into 18 yards of hand-woven tweed, that it is ultimately chucked on the side of the road , unwrapped , to get picked up and paid for later in the day by the Harris Tweed folk. LOL, that cracks me up. xx

  1. What a lovely way to start the day.
    Mr and Mrs Patterson were certainly a team. And how lovely to see workwear comprising of woollen pants and hand-made knitwear.
    What a magical thing is life. Even when we don’t realise it.
    We have too many interests Jen! Lol.
    Today for me is the knitting machine… a lovely piece of retro magic in itself.
    Thank you for this.
    Cheers and love|

    • Hey, Karin, so glad you got to see it! Just think how well it translates to your life as you knit ” a yard or two ” on your knitting machine!
      Yes too many interests, and every morning early as I cuddle up with my first sips of delicious coffee by the window and the lamp (b’cuz its always dawn) … listing … thinking about which of the many interests to let come to the top of the list to take the daylight hours of the day away.

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