Calidez Cardigan & Donegal Aran Tweed

jenjoycedesign© donegal-tweed-folded.JPG

At last, my very own cardigan, and it is so special because it is from a wool I’ve wanted to knit forever, and in a pattern which I designed to be my favorite sweater recipe. . .


Calidez Cardigan knit up in Donegal Aran Tweed!

I made it with Autumn neckline.  The pattern has four seasons of necklines in case you weren’t aware:  winter=full yoke depth,  autumn=3/4, spring=1/2, summer=very low. . .


I had so many choices to color match buttons because of all the flecks of tweed in the yarn, but in the end, I only had more shell buttons, but I will find some more, in russet and change them out later.


When it came down to it, I am purely smitten.  Donegal Aran Tweed knits up beautifully and has a real ‘slinky’ feel to it when knit up at  3.25 sts to the inch, although I was so tempted to try a smaller needle size, I chose the larger, appealing to a drapier cardigan, however, because of the fact, it is very stretchy and a wee bit baggy, but like in a good way. Next I will try a slightly firmer cardigan fabric, as well as make a size smaller. I still can’t decide what color to go with for my next, and I do think it will have to be a Soft Donegal,  and I am thinking to go wild, and get this color.

Well folks, that’s it for today, posting from very rainy Mt Veeder!  I couldn’t be happier than with a just-finished cardigan to wear, and you can see details of this project on Ravelry here.

Everything in it’s place, and life is good. Oh, and I’ve been enjoying listening to some beautiful Irish pipes while knitting Irish Wool . . .

13 thoughts on “Calidez Cardigan & Donegal Aran Tweed

    • Michele! Your comment was found in the WordPress Spam folder, and I don’t get notified for those. But great thing now is that I’ve found this comment, and approved it, I think they should all work now. ((thank you so very much for trying all this time!!)) xoxo

    • Thank you Sorcha, I just wore it into town to do a little shopping (I had to get some ingredients for Friday Night Pizza!), and it was such a pleasure to wear such a handmade thing! I hope you make one just like it (and I can supervise your every stitch) xx

  1. Thanks for the pipes; my heart soars with those regulators. I guess you also know of Davy Spillane. How about some lovely leather covered buttons for your current beauty? And I love the color you are considering for your next rendition. Knit and walk on!

    • Hi Terry, yes, yes, yes I love Davy Spillane, and well, his Uilleann pipes were all I ever listen to, until recently discovering these other two. But, as it should be, I’ve edited the post to include one of my fav Spillane tunes!
      You’re right, the leather buttons would be so beautiful on that cardigan, and you have great taste I might add. 🙂 I’ll have to look for some.
      In from a lovely white-lace-knitting walk earlier this afternoon, during a break in the rain, up on the ridge ~~ very weathery and misty, and I feel thoroughly invigorated !!! Thanks for being a part of the conversation on Yarnings ~~ xx

    • Hello Stefanie~ yes, I went for a lovely knit-walk today, during a break in the rain, in the mist and explosions of sun coming through, it was beautiful, and Emma was on top of her game, smelling everything and moving along at quite a trot. Us old gals, loving our going out for a dander. 🙂

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