A Give Away !

What do we have here?  Yarn ! I’m giving away yarn?  Nay , I am going to make something with the yarn and give that away !

A pair of Jenjoyce’s Pin-Striped Fingerless Mitts from my first ever written pattern that has been a good success.   One of Yarning’s regular commenters suggested at the onset of my mitt mania (last xmas-time), that I might give a pair away (and I heed given advice !)  I figure now it’s time to make a special pair from some of my stashed yarns, and start giving out to the kind readers of my blog, some of them who are too shy to post, but just might emerge from the shadows finally… hopefully  ~~~ this is my thanks to all of you for all of your encouragement!

Here are two balls of baby alpaca yarn, in two such lovely heathered shades it difficult to explain, but I’ll give it a try. I think of California afternoon in Spring …the sun three-quarters of the way through the bluest of skies, but with some cheery clouds hovering in the distance, rather like in a Vermeer painting … citrus laden lemon trees,  fruit trees bursting in blossoms,  and aromatic fragrance of yellow roses beginning to bud … as  the warm sun quenches a thirst waited for all winter. . . a feeling of aahhhhhh … as you stand bathing in the sun’s gentle rays of the first warm spring day, after a frightfully frosty morning.  These colors are beautifully representative of nature, golden honey, leaf green, and baby alpaca soft, more Vernal tones than Autumnal.

The mitts will get knit up into a lovely medium-sized pair (a slightly shorter version of ) the fingerless mitts by *moi* to send off to the ‘winner’ ,  just in time for those chilly brisk mornings of the second half of March and early April …. or to wait in your glove drawer until next Autumn  ( very timely if you are from the Southern Hemisphere !)

Just leave a comment on this post, and as soon as the mitts are knitted up in one week ~   I will draw and announce the winner  !  Okay folks, I’m casting on as soon as I post this!

(Note: There are some of you who are making the mitts already in the mitt-along, or who have already been sent a gift of my mitts, but please don’t let that stop you from posting your comment anyway, and joining in on the fun! )

34 thoughts on “A Give Away !

  1. LOVE both of those colours…and your sweetness for doing this. Woo hoo. Mitt season will soon be done…but if I win, I will wear these until people truly begin to stare (more than they already do)…and then I’ll wear them a bit longer. ❤

    • Dearest Martha, one of the original commenters, thank you for your long-standing encouragement. I may have to just especially knit you a pair for Commenter With Most Seniority ! (what are your favorite colors? ) 😉

  2. You have just described (perfectly) the weather here, today. Hard to imagine that our weather can be so similar to yours. The similarity continues with the mitts that I wear so regularly and made by you. I don’t need to be in the giveaway – I am lucky in that I have a pair already but, whoever wins them, I hope they enjoy them as much as I do.

    • Okay, the first give-away done & dusted. Now what Lizzi ? I guess I’ll have to walk some more, and finish my nieces’ spring sweater tees ! Thanks for posting and contributing to the atmosphere 🙂 xx

  3. Jen! How did you know I needed to have a hint of spring today? It’s cold and gloomy here and hard to remember that it won’t always be icky out! I looked in my backyard where Emmy’s been and it looks like a toothpick garden out there. You ask what is a toothpick garden? Start with one enormous dog who chews up firewood and makes tooth pick size bits and scatters that all over the place, and add a 75′ heavy duty black garden hose which Matt has given her to play with and which she has chewed over the past month into many three to four foot lengths and… well you get the picture!!

    I want green grass and sunny warm days and a beautiful backyard and to sit outside with my knitting. Did I mention that in her first summer she ate the entire vegetable garden? I love our dog. I love our dog. I…

    Happy knitting,

    • Carol , thank you very much for coming to my celebration party here on my blog. Though the mitts have been won and sent away, I know that you more than anybody are surrounded by several pair of the very ones. By the way, what kind of dog is this which shreds up fire wood? 😉 xx

  4. Mmmmm, those are wonderful afternoons! I could use one of those afternoons right now…..and don’t forget to brush your fingers along the Rosemary hedges, and watch out you don’t disturb the Honey Bees!

    • Thank you Jen, for joining in the celebratory mitt thing ! I won’t forget the blue-blossom’d rosemary. Hmm… perhaps a new colorway !

  5. I so enjoy reading your blog. I’m also a knitter! I really enjoy seeing all your projects, I especially love the sweater you are wearing in your profile, it’s gorgeous!

    I live in the Midwest, and right now I feel like I will be wearing gloves for another 6 months – or more. I did see a Robin today, so maybe Spring is just around the corner!

    No need to include me in the giveaway, this was a lovely opportunity to say “hello.”

    • Thank you Kieran, I hope to get that red sweater knit up (maybe in another colorway, and pattern written for … um… next Autumn? 🙂 Has that Robin brought it’s friends ? 🙂

  6. Very spring-y! They will be lovely! I’ve made two pairs so far, and my girls do not let them out of their sight. I need to start knitting a pair for myself as my chances of borrowing them for either one of them is slim.

    • Thank you Nadine, for being a part of my little celebration. You have already knit a couple of pair (lovely mitts I must say !!!) but I will cheer you on to knit a third, as well… I’m on my 11th pair now ! 🙂

  7. I love that photo of the yarn balls, great light. So nice to you to do a giveaway with an actual hand knit! No need to include me in the giveaway, I am swimming in yarn and my own knits, whoever gets them will be very lucky.

    • Aw, Thanks dear Emily ! You just come right in and make yourself comfortable here. I will say, it’s been really nice to have such a knitter of yourself in the family, and I hope we do get together in Calistoga to knit soon. Lets shoot for April ! xx 🙂

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