Winner Of The Give-Away !


I have finished knitting the give-away mitts and drawn the winner !  I shall be sending them off right away ( but first , apologies to the winner for misspelling your name in the photo.) It was really fun knitting these very sunny & vernal tones, and for some reason, these colors had me dreaming of my little potted lemon trees , and my tall and rambling English roses out on the deck garden. Yet, it still is only the first half of March, and no blooms yet.




I don’t know how to say this gracefully, but I blunder’d badly and didn’t notice until nearly done with the second mitt, that it is two rows shorter than the first.  This is a major embarrassment, but there’s no time to knit  them over, so they will just have to remain as they are ~~ a statement of my quirky and asymmetric personality !

Watch this space as they say, for soon I will be posting a gallery of photos of all the knitters’ mitts,  who have participated in the first test-knit-along of my first three patterns over in this little group .  I wouldn’t be having this give-away party had I not felt so good about the mitts, and only because so many stepped up to actually knit them,  some many pair !

And thank you kind readers of Yarnings,  well as the knitters of the mitts, for posting in the give-away, and being a part of my celebration of writing my first patterns, however small they are.  I know this will be a memory of encouragement which I will draw upon for months to come.

Now I can look forward to the next knit & give-away,

which is inevitable,

because I had so much fun with this one !!!


Details on Ravelry . . .  here

14 thoughts on “Winner Of The Give-Away !

  1. Congrats to your lucky reader!
    I knitted a pair of monster pants for my nephew that were two (very obvious) rows short! Two rows short they are still wonderful…

  2. I think I read somewhere that the Amish believe that imperfections in quilting or sewing is a pathway leading the evil spirits out. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it!!

    • Kieran, that surely is an interesting one ! I’ve heard that the imperfection is intentional, being that only the devine can create perfect quilts. 😉 Probably varies within the orders of the Amish. ( My boyfriend is descendant from an Amish family two generations removed, got it from him 🙂 . The Amish call the imperfection ‘sparkle’ and I just love that !!!

  3. Oh Angel! Thank you so much! They’ll be very much appreciated in the cold spell of weather we are having just now. What a lovely surprise. X
    P.S: it’s not a mistake, it’s a design feature! 😉

    • Kelly, I am so glad you’ll get some wear from them still. They are the colors of California…so hopefully they’ll bathe you in sun every time you wear them 🙂 xx

  4. They are great! I always make my mitts a bit different for just that reason…as for the lemon blossoming…I just found two little blossoms starting to peek through on mine. Frosty mornings are still a bit harsh, so she’s being cautious. It’s probably even colder up there.

    • Actually, up here at 2000 ft elevation Morrie, we don’t get frost so much, which is a valley characteristic, but we do have cold air which wicks up moisture from the ground, into little ice-sickles which sort of grow out of the earth. 🙂 xx

  5. Congratulations to the lucky winner of beautiful springy mitts! Those turned out lovely, and I am envious. The yellow is like daffodils and the green like everything spring! What a pretty combination, those are meant to be loved. Well done!

    • Aw Martha…. you know, I know you wanted them the most, but you’ll get yours still ! One day … lol 🙂 Thank you for being a huge presence on Yarnings. xx

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