Ten at a time.

jenjoycedesign© sock stack
Knitting a literal pile of socks.  Nine legs in the pile so far, but one more is about to be cast on as soon as I figure out which yarn, making an even ten.  I’m working the legs of all ten “at a time”, then I will work the heels, then the feet, then the toes.  Eventually all of them will see their sock mate I am certain, and if you consider the second sock to all these, there are twenty socks underway.  I am testing my eight styles of my forthcoming sock ensemble, and at the same time trying out the size run. I am finding a balance in waiting out the weeks, floating through spring with plenty of yarn and birch dpns at the ready, trying NOT to get strung out over the details this time. 

jenjoycedesign© sock stack 2

I just can’t see coming down for landing any time soon.  That’s me here, now, and in spite of the long wait in going home to our rebuilt house,  life is good.

11 thoughts on “Ten at a time.

  1. Needle noddle noo, Jen! You are in sock heaven! Such a beautiful sight and nearly half way there! Life IS good and I’m so glad that you are enjoying it!

    • Peggy, mostly ” I choose to think ” life is good, even though the long wait to return home is very trying, in spite of it, I am alive, with gratitude. Xx

  2. Jen, that is an awesome stack of sock tops. I look forward to seeing all your socks, as well as knitting some myself.

    I finally was able to get to a yarn shop last Saturday and purchased two sets of 2mm double pointed metal needles. I got both the regular tips and the sharp tips as that was all they had. I have misplaced all my size 2mm double pointed needles, so needed to replace them.

    • Excellent that you got out on LYS Day! Me too, although this time I decided to check out my second most local yarn shop ” Cast Away ” in Santa Rosa, glad I did, they are nice place, but I didn’t buy anything. Looked for more Berocco Ultra Wool Fine, but they didn’t even know what it was, so I guess its a new line. I hope you’ll have a good time trying out your new needles soon. xx

  3. They look beautiful…
    I wonder if you feel the same sense of satisfaction, when you look at your stack of legs, as I do when I look at my stack of fingerless mittens. It might be similar ( I am avoiding writing up my first (very simple) design by knitting “prototypes”).
    When I stack them all up, I do feel I am getting somewhere… Lol.
    And gratitude. I am so with you on that one. It is such a magical awareness. The awareness that keeps on giving…
    I find it extraordinary that, in the midst of a trauma that is totally unresponsive to reason, thought or common-sense, gratitude grows.
    Which has put me in mind of your Snowmelt Tam!
    Great work….

    • Just keep knitting, and knitting, when the pattern is written and you submit it, then celebrate! I find since I’ve been doing patterns and all the knitting prototypes that go along with it, I don’t have time for much else. I only have time to knit the next design. And a very thoughtful philosophy around gratitude!
      Thank you Karin, xx

      • I’ve just see this!! And your other lovely replies.
        Have not been rude. Just unaware! Lol.
        Knitting and Knitting is indeed what I have been doing. And spinning and sewing.
        I discovered an aversion to completion.
        Well, I knew whemn nI was writing, that I carried a reluctance to commit to the final process of getting “stuff out there”…
        I’ll get there. Thank you!

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