Lupine of Northern California

The other day I took this photograph while knit-walking , the fields bursting with wildflowers, always the first being the blue-ish purple and green lupine.
So it inspired the colorway of this chullo hat (which I’m knitting for my brother’s birthday, as he is a chullo fiend) I am delighted how rich the tones are with my over-dyed green yarn from last autumn, and the blue & purple work together. . .


Happy Easter holiday everyone !


13 thoughts on “Lupine of Northern California

  1. I love how you are able to take photos on your walking hikes. That is multitasking to the hilt! lol. The purple lupines and the greenery in the background makes me lonesome for Michigan. I love the wildflowers that come out this time of year. Being in the high desert, I think I’ve taken the scenery for granted, its not the usual burst of color I’m used to in spring. But I will be taking to the mountains, and will see what spring has brought out there! Oreo will be pleased! Your chula with its bright colors are of the colors I like best. I can’t remember, was it your brother that enjoys chulas? He is a lucky guy. You are a knitting Queen!

    • Oooh Martha… you’ll take to the wild… bring your knitting, and take photo of knitting in the wild (send to me and I’ll post, in a Wild Knitting Comrades or something. Oreo will love it for sure , as Emma does (she’s spoiled though, she knows it). Yes, my brother is a quirky fellow wearing those ‘Dalai Llama’ hats as he calls them, all the time.

  2. Oops…..hit send before I finished…..

    and I really like how you are translating them into a new Chullo – gotta love a man who wears a chullo!

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