Sweater Success !


This Spring’s sweater tees are once again a success and my nieces made them into a photo sensation !!!  Chasing the bright morning light around the town of Calistoga, we sought out our favorite spots.   The corner of Lincoln and Washington streets, with the intriguing minty blue-green building which is Bella Tootsie Shoe Shop, and our ‘cover photo’ signature most every time.

A close-up of one of the sweater tee detail, lighting just right so that you can see the single-row pin-striping of two colors alternating, and the raglan decreases through the ribbed neck band, with cord bind-off  …

Such fine pin-stripes of light green & light blue, and light purple & smokey grey aren’t even visible unless one is up-close.  Even just a couple of feet away, the colors melt into one another, creating a perfect blend , as these two sisters do . . .


The mural off of Lincoln Street is our essential destination in every photo shoot !


We enjoyed just hanging about in town too, always bustling with folk from the whole Napa Valley and beyond . . .



There was the mandatory ice-cream ~ raspberry sorbet & strawberry cheesecake ~ which is always the last shot I get before the camera protests with no memory left !


A few more photos tucked away into a little slide show of the best shots.

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* * *
More, still-life photos of these tees HERE
Detailed on Ravelry HERE

21 thoughts on “Sweater Success !

  1. Oh jings! they are so very grownup in there smart new tees. Very smart, beautifully knitted and such lovely nieces.

    And you have sun and are eating ice-cream. We are shivering in minus temps with lots of snow all over the country. Luckily, not us but whole islands with no electricity.

    • Lizzi, thank you ! You’ve watched them in their equinox sweaters since I knit them their first sweaters, Spring of 2010 !!!! They have grown so much. I would your cool country right about now ! Sending you sun via my posts ? Really, whole islands without power? Yikes !

    • Funny you should ask Misa, because as I’ve heard from their mom , they feel very possessive about their own sweaters I’ve knit them, and don’t share, but fortunately, at least they are all being saved in a chest when they outgrow them, which of course, makes it so heart-warming and worthwhile.

  2. hi it’s nina~love those pictures~I think we’re going to be famous! I’ll email you etc:)
    I love you to the moon and back,
    Nina Poppet.

    • Oh my favorite little bitty poppet in the world !!! Hello!!!! 🙂 I love you to the moon and back a gazillion times. 🙂 You’re my super*duper model ! 🙂

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