Sneak Preview


What is this?


Both Spring Tees are finished

and ready for official modelling on Sunday !

jenjoycedesign©spring-tees2 I am so excited about having my nieces show them off !!!


This is the big event I look forward to twice each year, around the

Vernal and Autumnal Equinox.

Perhaps you’d like to take a look at the superbe modelling of

Last Years Spring Sweater Tees

*  *  *

19 thoughts on “Sneak Preview

    • Hi Kelly ! I have to stop photographing these tees, I’ve been at it ALL morning ! I think that I have a real thing about photographing knitting still life 🙂 . Anyway, time for a knit-walk outside ! I’m so glad that you enjoyed the shortbread , and still to enjoy those cozy alpaca mitts for the remaining spring 🙂 xxx

    • Morrie, I can’t wait… I can’t wait ! I’m all planned to pick them up at their house if their mom and dad (my bro) are splitting wood that day. Going to treat them to hot chocolates and the works… then wander aroudn Calistoga in the usual places. Maybe we’ll find a new nook ! 🙂

  1. I am intrigued as to the neck? Is it the neck that is in the second picture with the stitch detail along the middle? Looking forward to the photos.

    • That is the neck Lizzi. 🙂 I will do a big photo shoot post. Then a little detail revealed in an additional post (since I’m considering practicin’ my pattern writing , as Carol is knitting one up for her g.daughter ! Omg… get my act together ! 🙂

      • Oh , I see now.. the neck is just rib and i-cord bind-off. The usual deal. What you see is the inside of the back of the neck as well as the front (since the front scoops down a little )

    • Thank you Sigrun, the one-row stripes are only noticible really close up, that’s the interesting thing. I would have thought differently.

    • Thanks so much for the charm label link Kieran ! The truth of the matter is that I am running low, and need to buy more of them. I think ones like you have would be lovely. I’ll look into it ! 🙂

    • Thanks Simone… aye, but *I’m* the lucky one ! This morning is the morning ! In a short while I drive up to meet them in Calistoga, where we photograph in all of our favorite spots !

  2. Those are darling, such pretty colors, your nieces will love them. I love the details, the colors, and the way they look like spring! Looking forward to the modeled photographs!

    • Well thank you Martha ! I had a wonderful morning with them in Calistoga.. and am now uploading photos now and assembling a slideshow post ! Sit tight… 🙂 xx

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