24 thoughts on “A Morning Walk On The Mountain

  1. Ah, the lovely arctostaphylos in in it’s pretty pink bloom, and is that a fresh shoot of poison oak I see? I’ve seen the houndstongue and lupine in my neck of the woods too. This morning I saw some primrose by the little creek at Sonoma Regional.

    • What you see in pink is the manzanita my dear… which is all over here (is arctostaphylos the botanical name? ) And nay, not poison oak, but baby tender Black Oak (tree) leaves ! Come ye up for a nature hike hen ! 🙂 xx

  2. Love those colors! Definitely signs of spring. I think we have some crocus about ready to pop up, but mostly its green and brown here. No snow, though. I would love to have those pretty purples and all those buds! I need to get out and into the mountains and see what’s growing and coming up there. Been hibernating in the house with studies, and ready to get out! Such pretty hiking trails, I feel the need for a hike coming on!

    • Hi Martha ! Yeah, spring just kind of happens really fast here, once the leaves bud out. There’s pollen everywhere too, from the fir trees. Now go on out and play in the woods… bring your knitting !

    • Thanks Kay, but these mountains pale in comparison to the Rockies where you’re from. You’re welcome to come visit, but it’s the Rockies I’d like to visit ! Do you have family there?

  3. You have a beautiful blog, and a beautiful dog. I look forward to being, someday, a reclusive almost serious knitter. Your pictures and your knitting are an inspiration.

    • Missy, it’s nice to meet you ! Thank you very much for saying hello. Oh, your dog is just like Emma ! I’ll have to read more about your very lovely blog to find out more . . . 🙂

  4. Hello, Thank you for the comment, oh I love your dog!!! If we could manage anything bigger than a Springer we would certainly look at having a German Shepard, and your knitting is truely amazing. I will be watching your blog with admiration 🙂

    Nessy x

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