The phoenix has landed.   I sit peacefully at my laptop parked on the large pastry board in the kitchen,  while Emma naps near me, claiming her floor space in the kitchen as she had always done before.   As I mentioned last post, we passed the final building & fire inspections, and now we can slowly move in over the next few weeks. I have spent the morning consolidating the construction area to one end of the downstairs floor, and vacuumed, so it feels so much more like home now.  All in good time the finish work will get done;  doors will be hung, furniture will fill in, although much more sparsely,  and things will be again clean, complete, and calm.


Emma is comfortable in the kitchen, most surely she knows she has come home?   This of course, is reaching the other side of the bridge to us, having Emma bring us home.
I will be posting more of the usual knitterly & spinnerly things against the backdrop of the rebuilt house as it takes shape, the floor plan nearly identical to what it was before,  but with changes that are almost insignificant now.   We are all three worn, bedraggled, and *very* tired,  but we are home. 


16 thoughts on “home

  1. Your new home is just wonderful, I have watched you from despair to now happy. I’m so happy for you and your little family. I have a question, how did you come up with your house plans, are they yours or did you find them through a certain house designer? I’m asking because after raising a family of 4 daughters, it’s getting time to downsize. I think that your living space is just lovely.
    Be happy! And kiss Emma!

    • Tamara thank you!!!! If you have followed my journey since the wildfire Oct2017, you would know that Jeff and I built our first home together, took us almost six years. We built it from a post & beam kit, probably the smallest or near the smallest floor plan, and the kit comes with precut posts & beams, which makes it a whole lot easier! Its more like a cabin is perfect for two, and very tight with guests or rearing a child or two, but definitely has the bedroom (my loft) for the spare. I am excited for you that you are looking to build a wee little dream home! I wish you all the luck in the world, and patience too xx

  2. Awesome news Jen. Your kitchen looks so warm and inviting. The rest of the house will be transformed soon enough with Jeff and yourself working on the finishing details. Emma looks so relaxed and comfortable. Lots of hugs. 🙂

    • Wen! I really am tired, but somehow I’m more busy now than I’ve been for a long long time , making me really very much so. I have neglected our correspondence, and one thing I look forward to , when I have my little perch by the window at my table as before , is to write so much more. Be fore-warned. 🙂 xxx

    • Sarah, it is scary how similar things are, especially the kitchen; different cabinet makers , but our builder had photos (which we took with us, our original building photos) so he really did a great job. Brand new, yes, yet deja vu every five minutes. Lol. Emma is doing pretty good, which is surprising me. Well, maybe not. WE’re all raggedy tired, but after a few weeks I think we’ll get rested up a little too, not work so hard.
      Thank you for your cheerleading! xx

        • In recent years I have been in damage control with Emma in one degree or another; lately she has taken to chewing the nails off of her lame rear leg, so back on antibiotics, inflatable collar, and hope she loses the urge once the two toes have healed up. With Emma I appreciate every day she is still alive. As for me, I must really work hard on controlling my impulse to become unhinged over nothing, as I seem to be re-wired with a bit of ptsd and now I must remind myself continually of gratitudes. I am going to try to get the laundry line up today, and maybe start the faux paint in the kitchen. Oh, and make more tests of the new Turkish coffee technique I’ve been learning. 🙂
          What are you up to on this last day of Summer? xx

          • I love how you recognize that Emma is approaching the rainbow bridge, and acknowledge it while working to enjoy your remaining time with her, and to keep her healthy and happy. Each day is a treasure!

            And painting the kitchen – ooh hoo! Not fun but definitely a project worth doing, such satisfaction when it is done.

            With coffee. A good day!

            I had a crazy weekend. It was gorgeous weather, but I am supposed to actively avoid sun, and I failed to do that. We had a major tennis fundraising event Saturday, so I had to work all day, and was outside the whole time. Sunday, A had a work-related lunch we went to. Don’t you know they had us on the patio, and me with no hat? So while it felt REALLY good to feel the sun again, I am a bit burned, which isn’t good. It was not our normal introverted weekend at all, but it was all good and so nice to have just perfect weather!

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