settling in

jenjoycedesign© autumn things
I have begun collecting little treasures from Autumn ; a leaf from a Black Oak turning gold, a curl of Madrone bark, and a freshly fallen Douglas Fir cone.    It was almost a year ago in Autumn that I found this novelty  . . .

jenjoycedesign© settling-in
Now the vintage Four Posts are finally kitted out with a mattress and bedding,  and  so I’m going to fling off my shoes and curl up on it with some strong coffee made in a cezve (my thing lately) with fresh shortbread just out of the oven,  and contemplate which small quilt I will attempt to make first from  “Civil War Legacies” by Carol Hopkins.

jenjoycedesign© settling-in 2

The loft room (still without a door as you can see), the kitchen, and upstairs bathroom are the only rooms in the house able to be used thus far,  while the main part of the house remains a mess of building, tile dust, and tools. But there is rumor ringing through the rafters, that we may move in this coming weekend, or should I say move out of the tiny house . . .  fingers crossed!   

jenjoycedesign© autumn things 3

21 thoughts on “settling in

    • Yes, I caught that sun beam glowing from a bright direct reflection off of the floor which was cropped out. Sigh, soon, very soon, I will be in the Light & Shadow unceasing. I’ll never want to leave, not even to go shopping. xx

    • Oh Virginia, you really have shared the journey with me, haven’t you? Back when you began your knitting, unending, of Wild Wool Socks, was the beginning of it all, and now, somehow, just a pause in the middle somewhere. Thank you for everything! xx

  1. The last picture just makes me want to curl up in the bed. So happy things are coming together again for you. Been a reader for a while, but don’t think I’ve ever commented. Hi! 🙂

    • Hello and welcome to my fort! You probably already figured out that its mostly a knitting blog … lol …. and spinning too … but with lots of nesting recently , and anticipation of some much longed for quilt sewing… and a smattering of other things too. I look forward to your words, make yourself comfortable please, can I get you a bit of shortbread and a cup of coffee or tea? 😉

    • Tamara, my sentiments exactly! The first house & loft room had the things inherited & collected over a lifetime, but this time I can temper just how many ” things ” to have. The elegance of sparce surfaces is rather charming I do think. Door, trim & finished floor or not.
      Thank you~ xx

      • And sooner hopefully than later, those burned Madrones seen through the window will be removed, as they are trying to send up lush new growth from their trunks.

    • Yes Sarah, I have everything I need, but only to be in one place now, I’m nearly there. I am counting the days until we move out of the tiny house; move our huge mattress and set up (in the master bedroom), Jeff’s tv, and the toothbrushes! There is a great place in Berkeley called the Amish Outlet Furniture store or something, where we can get a big table and comfy couch, and such, but otherwise I am looking forward mostly to not hearing myself complain , which I hate to do, for in the big picture, I am only grateful. xx

  2. Just gorgeous.
    So much has been happening in your world. Wonderful.
    Ironically, I have been busy trying to prepare for bush-fire (including an 1800 kilometre round road-trip) that I have had no time (and minimal connectivity) to visit you in your world.
    I look forward to having some time to go back and read your earlier posts.
    Congratulations to the three of you…

    • Karin you are really busy, is it for your cabin in your ghost town? I know how maintaining defensible space for wildfire is hard work, and we can be wildfire sisters if it helps to have someone cheering for you, for each year you survive without the blaze coming through your piece of the bush, is a huge feeling of peace, and right now we are in the prime weeks for it. I won’t really be feeling peaceful until the rains come. Nothing is more satisfying to hear than the pitter patter of rain on the roof.

      Next time you come by my blog, I hope to hear more about you! xx

      • Thanks honey
        I ran out of time in the Ghost-town. So much to do after so many years of prioritising life and death.
        Total Fire Ban there today. I am far away.
        I am going back in a few months to push this along.
        As you so eloquently say “each year you survive without the blaze coming through your piece of the bush, is a huge feeling of peace”… and yes, the rain…
        Love from your Sister in Wildfire!

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