Back home, in the Charcoal Forest . . .

jenjoycedesign© Emma 13th BD 3

Do you know what day it is today?

jenjoycedesign© Emma is thirteen!.JPG

It is Emma’s birthday!

She is thirteen!!

jenjoycedesign© Emma 13th BD shake

Woof !!!  :: shake ::

She is wearing just her sock now,  and finally her inflatable collar & cone seem to be phasing out more because her old surgery wound which very mysteriously un-healed in the last six months, is beginning to heal again.  I don’t know about you, but I really do think its stress related.   Which brings me to mention we have moved back up to our Charcoal Forest! We are now living in a Tiny House which arrived April 30th, and what an unbelievable ordeal it was to get it up here !!!     All I can say is that we three are exhausted and recovering from a load of stress,  but ever so grateful that we are home.

jenjoycedesign© Emma 13th BD back home

Emma’s office

Since it is Emma’s birthday, I will give her a belly rub and a pat on the head from all of you!  I had really meant to brush her up nice before her portrait shot, but did not happen, therefore the birthday girl is looking a bit scruffy & ungroomed.  I thought in honor of her birthday I’d link to all Emma posts here.

♣     ♣     ♣

Now home,  with a sense of belonging to a place, and I feel a great release of stress and sadness,  so I will close this post as my old signature use to be,  by saying even with all of its trials & tribulations…

Life is good.

jenjoycedesign© Emma's leash.JPG


25 thoughts on “Back home, in the Charcoal Forest . . .

  1. Oh, golly, I’m glad to hear from you. I’m so glad you have a shelter on your own land again. Once you recover from your exhaustion, you can finally relax and enjoy, perhaps soon, the vegetables of your labor. Is it too late for lettuces? Take pics of your tiny house to share with us when you get a chance. Using all your photographic skills, I’ll bet you make it look like a palace. I hope it feels that way. Emma looks good. Give her an extra pat and belly rub from me.
    Bug higs, dahling Princess White Moth.
    Luv Taddie

    • Hi there Taddy ~~ well its been rough, but we landed, almost feet down, in our new nest. No word yet about future rebuild, I forgot how slow that sort of thing goes, and for now, I am ecstatic just waking to the high fog… in the clouds, lighter than air, new birds chattering (I think I hear a robin right now) and yes, the garden is better than ever. I just planted a climbing red rose in the south-west corner of the garden in honor of Emma’s birthday, and hope the gophers do not touch it. I will give Emma the brushing of her life this morning, as she sees the vet for progress this afternoon , and I hope last antibiotic injection needed. There’s us, trying to claw the eyes out of aging, staying on the wing, and looking to the horizon. Thank you dearly for bringing your lovely box of cheer to my post, and I hope you are well and full o’ feist! xx

      • ps. The lettuce bed is a year-round project, high tech even, and a lot of work to keep going. Now if we could just not have any earthquakes to mess up the water, or wildfires to put an end to my crop, I will further my experiments on my California Perpetual Lettuce bed.

  2. Happy 13th Birthday Emma
    Lots of pats and belly rubs for the birthday girl.

    I am so happy that you are back on your property.

    • Wen, thank you so much for your birthday wishes for Emma, I will take good care of the birthday girl, and she is happy to be here back in her familiar place too! I planted a rose yesterday in honor of her birthday, a red climbing rose, up in the south-west corner of the garden, and now that I’ve done that, as I set the sprinkler on that whole corner everyday, I am pondering to plant more succulents (so in fashion right now!) and vines of edibles… like Scarlet Runner Beans, pole beans, peas… maybe some birdhouse gourds… wouldn’t that be fun! xx

    • Tracy, thank you. We are here, home in the clouds, and I feel that the quiet is the best tonic for my soul. Living out of boxes & bins for now, but that is a welcomed only-slight inconvenience. I hope you are well and enjoying a great knit ~~ xx

    • Hello Sarah! (( now I know who you are, from your Ravelry presence on the forum! )) I do pamper Emma, and gradually more every year, but now she’s going to get the royal treatment she’s waited for, as soon as I can find her brush… lol. Pictures to come! New knitting ideas as well, and I hope you are on board with the next, which I very much appreciate!
      Thank you, and take best of care ~~ xx

    • Emma’s Aunt Sorcha, she would love to see you in person and I hope you can make it up for tea soon! Or, um, it will have to be coffee I guess, as I still have the tea packed, somewhere, out there in the bins strewn about needing unpacking. xx!

    • What an absolutely lovely thing to say, and very encouraging too. Emma gets the royal treatment now, absolutely …. as soon as I can find her brush tangled up in the boxes & bins stacked in the shed. All the best to you and thank you for your blessing! ~~ xx

    • Thankyou! We are still settling, one ordeal after another, but very soon, our Tiny House will be home (until the main house is rebuilt) , and so we are 2 humans and 1 large dog in a very small space. But yes, peaceful! Two turkeys strolled by yesterday morning, that was magnificent reminder that we’re home, among the wildlife.

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