Berry Smoothie & Woodsy

After the finishing touches ,

and sewing on the label . . .

I am done with the Nieces’ Autumn Sweaters !

I always like to give a sneak preview before lifting of the veil so to speak,

which is scheduled in Calistoga this Sunday morning , photographing my nieces modelling them.

( I can’t wait ! )

Let me introduce to you

 “Berry Smoothie” and  “Woodsy”.

Knit with  c r a z y  hand-dyed yarns by me !

here and here )

16 thoughts on “Berry Smoothie & Woodsy

  1. Nice to see them finished. The colours compliment each other as always. I finished a wee sweater yesterday, too. It’s nice to complete a project. It’s a good feeling, isn’t it?

    • Yes Lizzi, it is very nice, and I didn’t blow my deadline by much. 🙂 Let me see your little sweater… for your little grandson? Lets celebrate !!!! 🙂

  2. I am totally impressed – you dyed the yarn and knit the sweaters – they look great and I’m looking forward to the photo shoot to see how they look on your nieces!

    (I’ve found that I can’t leave comments when I am on my ipad – I have to do this via my desktop – are you using some kind of pad of phone when you try to leave comments? Perhaps that could be the problem.)

    • Hi Anne, I have been dying yarn a lot lately. Actually, I’ve been dying fibers to spin for a couple of decades, (and lots of fabric and thrift shop clothes) , but dyeing yarn is relatvely new to me. I’m doing something new here, I’m ‘layering’ dye baths, and some of it was really good, some just okay, and some kinda crappy, but I used it all and I didn’t bail out and go buy more yarn, and for that I’m proud of myself ! I’m photographing my nieces today in the scorching heat-wave N.California is having (Indian Summer… boooo) . Poor girls, they’re troupers they are .
      As for my difficulty commenting on your blog (which I try most times, but only a few times has it worked) is a problem with blogger – wordpress relationship I think, as I have the same problem with most blogger blogs when I try to comment. I am only writing from a Windows 7 laptop computer, nothing obscure or fancy. I think it’s because living in the backwoods as we do here, and having choppy internet connection, and likely I’m getting cut off in the middle of the process. Do you know if can put into your settings to allow my email/url to comment without the verification circus act Blogger does?
      Well, anyway, thanks much for the compliment !

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