one done. . .

The first Autumn sweater for nieces done & dusted ! The only difference between the two sweaters will be a colorway choice of undyed fleece colors. They are the same exact size, and otherwise will be almost the same, which is actually very amusing. They asked so nicely if I could make over-sized fit this year, because when I knit last year’s sweaters I made a gauge error, and although the sweaters turned out flatteringly fitted, there was obviously not a bit of room to wear over clothes, so I am never again making that mistake. Making nieces my most recent Sol Inca design in the after-thought pullover option, because I just am not tiring one bit from knitting these! Oh, I’m knitting with Simply Wool that I spoke about a few posts back , and let me say now, that I found it very wholesome to have to wash actual dirt out of the sweater when I was ready to wash & block it, and that only means the yarn is definitely minimally processed, undyed, and not overly scoured either. I say that like it is a good thing! Now there is a little intermission in my Autumn Sweater knitting, as I am waiting for yarn on the other sweater to become available, for a lovely very light contrast, soft colors as requested by eldest niece, definitely worth the wait, even if the sweaters wont’ be ready until late in the season. Yet I can’t stop this knitting locomotive, once I’ve psyched myself up for it, so I’ve decided to let this one sit awhile while I get going with pattern writing something I’ve been thinking about for years!

18 thoughts on “one done. . .

  1. You are on a roll! I found myself here via an anxiety-inspired need to “check” on anything and found this lovely post… beautiful results of productive and sustained sitting…
    And a new design in progress.
    You are an inspiration,

  2. Oh, that is lovely! And smiling at your gauge issues, and your sweet girls. They know how much work, thought, time, and money go into these creations, and clearly they appreciate it, but don’t want you to make something they can’t wear. Nice young women!

    I am knitting a much plainer sweater from Bartlett Yarns, which is local to me. I love their yarns! But I am glad I washed my swatch. The color is much brighter and the yarn much softer. A lot of processing dirt in the yarn, apparently! And a little VM… I can’t wait to wash the sweater and see it in its glory.

    • Sarah, so glad you have a wholesome ” local wool ” sweater on your needles, how exciting!!! ( Is it for yourself, or maybe spouse?)
      I wish I had local wool but commercially milled is such a luxury [[ Backstory: In my twenties I kind of glutted out on the sheep & goat raising, having hired a shearer, the whole nine yards, eventually just giving up on the wool washing constantly picking out weeds etc, and taking it to Yolo Wool Mill to have it scoured and made into roving. Still, it sat in bags, for another decade, until the wildfire took care of it , story ends there. ]] I am investigating Harrisville Designs as a source of American made, but I think I’ll check into Bartlett for a lark! Thank you for posting, and I hope you are enjoying life and Autumn, and blueberries picked! xx

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