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I love to see others’ artful interpretations of Calidez Vest,

and when it is with handspun, all the better!


From Tennessee, “Lioness Ramping” has knit Calidez Vest with some of her own gorgeous handspun, has done a color palette breakdown, and goes over the top with fabulous finish photos in a Bohemian style!  Even though somewhere in this talented spinner-knitter’s notes she says she hasn’t found buttons for it yet, all the same, she gives the pattern great praise ~~ thank you LionessRamping for your artful handspun excellent knitting, it is truly an asset to the design!  See her project on Ravelry HERE.  (All photos belong to LionessRamping)

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10 thoughts on “Knitters From The World

    • I agree! I especially love the contrast between Lioness’ bohemian artsy style , and the one you made with such a conservative classic style! Thank you Bie ~ xx

    • Oh I KNOW… your buttons! Can you, at my direction, please give us that link to your button bin? Please?
      You do need a vest indeed. 🙂
      Now that you’re a designer, gotta go make one!

      • I don’t have anything that sensible or organised… Lol!!
        I am looking at the vest and seeing what I have here… If I see anything that I think will be fabulous I will photograph. What size do you know?

        • Totally up to the knitter, probably 3/4, or 5/8’s or 15-18mm . I was thinking to post your link on the actual pattern page, and then from there I could send her a little note. 🙂
          The vest is my best selling pattern, well suited to artisan knitters, so it would be wonderful to have a little button rabbithole on the page. 🙂

          • You gorgeous creature. People can msg for buttons via my IG account “The Knitting Man Recommends” or my Vintage buttons group of Fb. “Buttons on Board”.
            I should put a link on my Ravelry profile. D’oh!

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