Sun Into Libra

The sun has gone into Libra. I have attempted to replicate a photo I posted on the Autumn Equinox 2017, and about two weeks after that original photo was posted, our house had burned to ashes in the Nuns Wildfire.  In the many months following the fire, it was that very post that I gazed at with such a heavy heart of grief and longing.  But today is the day of days!  As I photograph  the same angle of the new rebuilt house, at same time of day,  on the same day of the year, I recapture  the warmth of that moment again, as the lazy equinox sun sinks low in the afternoon to the west.  I feel like I’ve come full circle,  having just posted it up to date, home again with everything in its place (sans ceiling fan and squiggly iron rail),  not quite finished but very cozy. I am kind of collapsing into a fuzzy warm celebratory mood, a bit weary of the long journey back to my House of Light & Shadow, although I am nothing but colossally grateful.  Happy Equinox everyone!

8 thoughts on “Sun Into Libra

    • Happy Autumn to you! I tried so hard to replicate that 2017 equinox photo, the angle I photographed was off , the absence of big shade trees on that side of the house, and the fresh tone of the timbers, well, it still is beautiful, and I still am so grateful to finally feel back home. Thank you xx

      • I think this house, especially from that angle looking into that room where all those beams go every which way, when the sun is easing down, is the House of Light & Shadow! (I think I will edit that in).

    • Karin, its been slow-as-snails moving in to the new house, and I just am not up to speed, but it is beautiful as it is still in motion and as I write this Jeff is up nailing a beautiful trim in an arch shape that took him a long time to make. Still nailing, still getting furniture, but life is what happens as you’re busy making plans. xx

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