good-bye summer

jenjoycedesign© good-bye summer 5

Walking along my trails, going a little further up the ridge now,  making my way around, over and under  so many falling blackened trees, carrying the weight of that time almost three years ago, wishing to outgrow the sadness that lingers in the landscape,  however robust and magical is the resilience of nature!    Goodbye summer.

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Tomorrow is the Autumnal equinox, and finally I will be walking into Autumn, a season which seems to be more forgiving of endings,  fresh and open for verdant return of moss, of life renewed from rain.  And on my bare feet I’ll be wearing the comfort of the season, new verdant green mossy boot socks, plush and double thick, two yarns held together merino socks that I cast on at the June Solstice, and knit slowly & purposefully all summer long, while oppressed by sweltering heat and choking smoke.  Soon the air will clear and crisp and be again glorious!

(Click 1st image below and see slideshow my walk from the afternoon. )


Fresh off the needles, a very simple boot sock, for hiking . . .

Pattern: Walking With Emma socks

Yarn: Knit Picks Stroll, charcoal and bamboo, held together throughout.

Project Details:  Solstice Socks  

10 thoughts on “good-bye summer

  1. Jen your socks look like they are very comfortable.

    Fall is staring here as well. The leaves are falling and we have had a few frosty mornings.

    • Oh, you know, I think I’d rather give these to someone who has a birthday coming up a week from the equinox . : hint :
      The ” pigeons ” are hanging out on the roof, and fascinated with the sky windows. Oh fun.

        • Its a new era for certain!!
          hehehehehe, I’m so excited. xoxoxo

          Oh no! Pigeons on the sky windows! Those rascals. I had them descend on the deck yesterday. They are so funny and clumsy. The whole flock of them flapping their wings swept all the maple leaves off my porch! I will say, they are definitely not as fat as city pigeons……….

  2. Beautiful photos and socks. There’s only one thing missing though, but I’m sure she’s walking right there ahead of you in spirit. Peace. V

    • Virginia, all you had to do was hint, and yes, Emma is with me every step of the way. I can not walk yet without tears for her, I do miss her so, and I collect things for her little grave on the way; clumps of lichen, moss, acorns, fir cones, leaves, madrone curls, and well… my little offerings for her when back home seem to be a part of my daily walk now, a way to bring her along.
      As yet , too many trees have fallen and blocked the way to the peak, but one day ” she and I ” will tread our footsteps and pawsteps-in-spirit up there again. Thank you for mentioning her xx

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