Grey Days Of January



Grey  “yarn days”  of January.

A lull after the knitting frenzy  (and posting frenzy) of December !

I’m having fun with balls of yarn about the house.

Bathroom mirror blues . . .



Yarn steps . . .



In the bed frame . . .


Another  knitting needle yarn kebab . . .

Green . . .  waiting for rain !

Precarious !


Having some fun today (being my birthday) photographing yarn.  These will be fun new banners for Yarnings . . .  I  figured , well, it is just so artful,  yarn in a sense of place. On the stairway landing half-wall where I photograph so much, on the stair steps themselves (a very favored personal trend) ,  and even precariously balanced on the iron rail which overlooks the lower part of our house, and all places which get a deal of light flooding from above via sky windows .

And now Emma and I are going for a walk while I rattle off a few more fingers in Pretty Little Things gloves . . .  prototypes which will be finished , photographed, and pattern ready soon!

25 thoughts on “Grey Days Of January

    • Hi & thanks Lizzi… hey most of those photos were taken in the morning, when the light was low. I added a few , slightly sunnier photos… fun, fun, fun ! (I’m baking my best cake now !) xx

  1. I wish you a very Happy Birthday Jen!
    You’re in good company, wednesday was my mother’s birthday and yesterday, my son’s birthday, both of them are adorable! 😉

    • Lizzi, it is so funny, I was just going to rattle off my usual chocolate top-secret masterpiece and well, I made a mess of it… but in the end it will tasted great, and well, haven’t tasted it yet. Last night we went out for dinner, and we came home too full to even have a bite. Jeff did put candles on it though , and sing happy birthday, but we haven’t cut into it yet. 🙂 I intend to share it with plenty of folks, but once my duo-mate discovers it exists, I’ll need to keep it under lock & key. (John loves this cake!) I will save you a piece for sure ! xxx

    • Yes, Lizzi, and I did have a lovely one too ! Hey, and tomorrow, I’m having two neighbor ladies over to help me finish off my birthday cake ! New Years’ resolution to be more sociable already in action 🙂 xx

  2. I am so sorry for missing your special day, Jen. Happy happy birthday and many many more blessings sending your way 😀

    And, how fun and whimsy this yarn ball play is. It brings me smile. Very creative 😀

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