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Birthday cake for breakfast?  You bet ! As last night we were too stuffed from dinner out, we couldn’t eat even a bite, so birthday cake was waiting to be cut into this morning.   ((My top-secret-recipe cake, which I made myself for myself (I know!) … only as I love to have an opportunity to keep practiced.))

I now am a proud owner of a hand-made book stand,  and  Jeff  made it for me, and on very short notice !

(Miss MacLeod , thank you for the epic read with which I am about to test out my new book stand ! xx)

jenjoycedesign©book-&- stand

The best thing about this book stand is that it has a very wide base and I can easily perch it on the half-wall under the skylight and read-while-knitting-while-standing. Its been a lovely birthday, thank you much for all of your sweet birthday wishes yesterday .

I really couldn’t be happier, because as I post this . . .  it’s raining!

12 thoughts on “Now Reading . . .

  1. I love chocolate cake – that looks utterly delicious! Your shelf looks fab too! It’s great having a ‘handyman’ that can do things like that. My Dad is the same, he can turn his hand to anything. I, on the other hand nearly electrocuted my sister changing a lightbulb. 😄

      • If it is any consolation – I have certainly not read it cover to cover! Whenever I embark on a new technique or think I am about to ‘invent’ something incredible I open THE BOOK and voila, it’s all been done before by the expert and written up in great detail. To have it sitting on your beautiful stand is just the best idea, and then you can just browse and look – or even browse/ look knit!

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