humble new stitches

The last week of summer is upon us, and I am noticing the light relaxing into longer shadows at a slightly earlier time each day. I really feel that my beloved Autumn is near! There is the usual locomotive knitting going on, but in this last week of summer I am enjoying some humble little silly thing “on the needle”, something just to take my mind off of knitting for a little while, so that I can be rested creatively speaking. I started and quit several times in the last year, yet I could not quell an incessant nagging urge to make at least a good start at counted cross-stitch, but to do so I have first to get past the very uncomfortable sense of being a rank beginner, while I repeatedly wrestle an equal urge to give up. That itself is the real exercise here, to squeeze myself into that constricting humble place of being. This, I am convinced, should be good for me, although I really don’t have time or room in my life for another textile hobby. I’m fine with my wobbly mis-shapen X’s , its all good, its all stitching. Stitching of any kind is a mental health elixir I believe in.

I am really pleased my last days of summer have shifted into this peaceful mellowness, a fresh beginning, these first new humble stitches. Do enjoy your remaining days of summer !

7 thoughts on “humble new stitches

    • Thank you Karin, and its just a really silly little thing. Already I’m thinking about how I can feed it back into the knitting. I think the biggest discomfort about starting is not only the difficulty in seeing the stitches, but the fact that I’m not knitting. Okay, I will listen to that, and get creative!

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