What I Want It To Be

(The original sale yarn ready for dying.)

Here I go again . Ripped out what I had started on my second niece’s sweater, I just couldn’t handle the ‘bug guts green’ color any more. (see over there, in the sidebar, under the text entitled “On My Needles”)   The yellowy bug-gutsy green which was so neon that it scared me,  from overdying ‘bright yellow’ over ‘sky blue’ in a very saturated dye bath. What was I thinking? One Autumn Sweater named “Berry Smoothie” for it’s likeness, the other I couldn’t not call  “Bug Guts” .  Also, the deep grey overdyed with spruce is a little too sophisticated for the colorway “Nine Year Old Kid” that I had in mind.

Changing course is good.  It just has just got to be work sometimes.  And that work not always accepting It being what It Wants To Be, nay, sometimes, this year, this lesson learned, the work will be in making it right,  of it being what I want it to be. A mountain of work to save a few dollars from some sale yarn. Risk factor high. I may have to go buy new yarn , in the end, but, I’m giving it my best shot.  Oh, and in the process of taking dye out of some yarn the first time around,  the bleach bath absolutely ruined the yarn, and it seized up… like melted chocolate getting cold water poured into it. After rinsing all that mess out,  the yarn was hopelessly tangled, and I threw it in the waste basket.  However, after a short talk with myself I realized that Waste Not Makes Want Not, and I took it out of the waste basket, dried it out on the line, and then promptly hid it somewhere not to be seen,  in order to avoid embarrassment of my bad impulses.

So here I am now,  untangling that whole mess of yarn.  I will soon be winding into new skeins on the niddy noddy and dipping into a fresh bath of dye, on a Saturday morning, while watching the fog rise from the valley and drinking really good coffee.

2 thoughts on “What I Want It To Be

  1. I used to fell the same about wasting, and I guess I still do…but there is a point where I had to let it go and throw some wool away. Just recently I tossed some Welsh top that had so many gaurd hairs and veg matter in it, it was not worth my pain to spin.
    You see, I commonly keep little bits of yarn and fiber to spin or felt with so I do save. But underneath all of it remember wool is a renewable resource and crafting time should be fun.
    Maybe the yarn is too damaged to be used again?

    • Yes Kaystir, I believe you’re on to something, that it’s a renewable resource, and why not compost it. You see though, I also take all my scraps out and place them outside for the birds to line their nests with . But, this yarn is at least going to make a good effort before I give up.. it’s not too damaged, it seems to be fine. Like your Welsh fleece, I had bags of stinky old course mohair from my own goat that I tossed one time, long ago. I just couldn’t deal with it.

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