Over-dye madness.  Insanely intriguing varigations.

Here I have heaped the over-dyed green yarns for my Nine Year Old Niece’s sweater on top of the finished and waiting sweater for my Twelve Year Old Niece.

 The ‘bug-guts’ yellowy green has over-dyed

ever-so-nicely into a color

which reminds me of golden green tips of bright moss !

All the colors of the foliage in the forest are running through these four yarns in a very earthy woodsy colorway.

 I have roughly 200 grams each of four different greens, each with many varigations in their various journeys from dye bath to dye bath.

I’m not exactly sure what I am going to do with all of the crazy varigation.  Yesterday was all about dominating the yarn, now that I’ve had my way with the colors, not exactly sure.  I think I’ll let them dominate me for a while. At least until I get the sweater cast-on.  I actually love the challenge of listening to my instincts , and the yarn.  Sometimes this whole business of dying, knitting, and improvising is just  downright delicious  & fabulously exciting !

6 thoughts on “Woodsy

  1. Those colors are gorgeous, Jen, and I would love a sweater if I were your niece! Both sweaters are bound to be really pretty. I do love the colors. Have fun!

    • Oh Thank You Martha ! I really wasn’t happy with the colors until after they dried on the line , one or two from a *third* dunking ! I just hope the colors which look so nice just plain wrapped in a ball look as nice knit into an interesting shapes on the sweater. Cross the fingers !

  2. You haven’t done a duff one yet, so it will lovely – these greens are superb. Just go with your gut instinct – it will be fab!

    • Thanks Lizzi ! About two of the dye results are nearly alike… but I have about three nice oddly contrasting shades… which is all I need. My younger niece will look like a Wood Fairie in her sweater, but that will be fine with her I am guessing !

  3. Wow! You really do live in the woods. Cool that you collect the hangers…the only wooden ones I have are from when my DH bought his last suit. I love the chalk boards. I could use one in my kitchen.

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