Met my sister-in-law in Calistoga today.  It was roasting hot too !!!  In fact, we are having upper 90 degree temperatures nearly all this week , especially in Calistoga , the hottest town in summer in the Napa Valley !   You wanna know what is very odd about this post?

Meeting for   c o f f e e   

and giving of   w o o l   s o c k s

in the middle of a California   A u g u s t .

No matter, because the Calistoga Roastery is one of the most bohemian nouveau places in the Napa Valley, and we always meet there when there’s something knitted to give.  Oh,  such as these sweaters .

Patricia loves her new wool socks,

and that makes it worth every tiny stitch !

And, as we do absolutely everytime we get together, she and I scour’d the local thrift shops.

I got to add to my collection of antique wooden hangers with the old businesses printed on them of cleaners and dye works.   Dye works?

 ( click the photo and notice a 3 digit phone number! )

10 thoughts on “Roastery

    • Liz, if you’re thinking about the thrift shop yeah… get this… those old hangers….4 for a dollar ! You see, I peeked through the yarn on some hand-crocheted covered wooden hangers… some had nothing, but some had the writing. I have sooo many without the writing, I only collect now the ones with the old businesses of cleaners and dye works. FOUR for $1 !!!! The shop owner was clueless of my find. I bought them, and while Patricia was looking in another thrift shop, 2 doors down, I sat on the porch of the shop and proceeded to take out my handy Letterman knife in my purse and go to work. Oh, then we stopped by another consignment antique place, 2 more doors down… hey.. you won’t believe this… saw some more of the antique wooden hangers just like the ones I collect… but $5 each ! xxx

      On Sat, Aug 18, 2012 at 12:08 PM, comment- > >

  1. Calistoga was my favorite weekend getaway with my friends in the 90s. I love the wine, the bike ride, the people, the food, the countryside scenery. You are so fortunate to live so close. The socks look perfect on the lucky recipient.

    As always, a great shopper for vintage treasure.

    • Lets meet there some day !!!! 🙂 Being a local though, I never dine at the nice places anymore, or buy wine, I just drive up there, meet at the roastery, and shop in the thrift shops. Occasional stop at CalMart, and eat at the cheap Mexican place next door…or , sometimes, as this weekend, a winery gig !

      • Love the idea. We should go there together some day, Jen. I am with you though…rarely go out to the trendy places. Maybe once or twice (rarely) a month I would go out with a few close friends as part of Mom’s Night Out. But, when I do make it out and splurge, I love every minute of it.

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