Ode To Socks

  I finished my second pair of Regular Ol’ Socks.  Socks as soft as rabbits, knitted by me!

Ode to My Socks  by Pablo Neruda

Mara Mori brought me
a pair of socks
which she knitted herself
with her sheepherder’s hands,
two socks as soft as rabbits.
I slipped my feet into them
as if they were two cases
knitted with threads of twilight and goatskin,
Violent socks,
my feet were two fish made of wool,
two long sharks
sea blue, shot through
by one golden thread,
two immense blackbirds,
two cannons,
my feet were honored in this way
by these heavenly socks.
They were so handsome for the first time
my feet seemed to me unacceptable
like two decrepit firemen,
firemen unworthy of that woven fire,
of those glowing socks.

Nevertheless, I resisted the sharp temptation
to save them somewhere as schoolboys
keep fireflies,
as learned men collect
sacred texts,
I resisted the mad impulse to put them
in a golden cage and each day give them
birdseed and pieces of pink melon.
Like explorers in the jungle
who hand over the very rare green deer
to the spit and eat it with remorse,
I stretched out my feet and pulled on
the magnificent socks and then my shoes.

The moral of my ode is this:
beauty is twice beauty
and what is good is doubly good
when it is a matter of two socks
made of wool in winter.

Sock Pattern :  “Classic Socks” in “Folk Socks”  by Nancy Bush
Yarn : 75% Superwash Merino/25% Nylon, in fingering weight
Find on Ravelry.

9 thoughts on “Ode To Socks

  1. Oh, they are so inspiring. I forget what simplicity can bring. I lose the joy of knitting mindless but beautiful socks because I want to put a pattern in there. Today I start a simple-beautiful-poetic regular ole’ sock! ….and such a beautiful poem too. It says it all, doesn’t it? 🙂

    • Wow Morrie , sure, you bet ! Back-To-Basic, and Less-Is-More … great way to reset our creativity. Oh, and I was blown (out of my socks) when I found that Pablo Neruda poem about socks !

  2. Beautiful poem that go with these effin fine socks. You make me want to find all knitty poems out there! I too finished two pairs of socks but in the opposite scale, my brain doesn’t function well with simply stockinette (even with the amount of extended ribbing on the cuff.) That’s just me, I know. You’ve done a fine job, sista. So, what’s on your plate next? Back to the sweaters?

    • Thank you Sarah. I am going to post some Knitting Paintings next.. (stay tuned). Now don’t believe when I said (on the post) that I’ll never get decorative with socks, that was just cheering myself through the process. I will no doubt get all fancy dancy very soon (again) and make some more Kilty Socks, ‘cuz you know I have a Scot friend I am keen on outfittin’. That aside, I really do want to knit myself eventually the most exquisite fine black knee socks to wear with all of my many skirts as I have never been too successfull finding them in shops. Basic black knee socks, it’s all I ask for.

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