One + One = Spun

jenjoycedesign© skein in new loft

I have spun my latest blending experiment .

jenjoycedesign© spun.JPG

She’s a real pastel beauty,

spun on my Ashford Traditional Wheel,

which I am having a wonderful reunion with after being separated from for over a year.
jenjoycedesign© spinning

That about wraps up the first One + One blending recipe,  although I think I could have gone for even more white neutral — that would have been (1 + 1) + 1, which is blending again with more white after blending one + one,  or  1 + 2  which is blending one part dyed roving, and two parts white at the first weighing of portions.  I think I will refine this recipe a little more, but for now, its on to the Tweed Chronicles recipe I’ve been dreaming about doing,  as I’ve got in my pale primary & secondary colors finally … and well, you know where I’m going with this !

10 thoughts on “One + One = Spun

    • Virginia, I am not really making enough of these small skeins, but for the sake of blending experiments. My Tweed Chronicles is what I was getting involved with before the wildfire, so it is a wonderful thing to finally be able to get back to that place again, metaphorically, and literally. xx

    • Hi Wen, Thanks for your encouragement, I can’t believe I’m already back at it! I am so tempted to show photos of the rest of the house, which is a construction zone, tools and machinery everywhere, but up in my loft, peace and order prevail. xx

  1. Wow!
    Blending hey? Another rabbit hole down which to deliciously slip.
    Beautiful. Really inspiring.
    And how wonderful for you to be reunited with your wheel.
    Just great, great news.
    I love the way those colours have come together.
    I intend to re-read your blending chronicles.
    My spinning is improving and, as I practise, I find myself thinking about how I can maximise the hand-spinning process in order to make unique yarn.
    And blending is, of course, one important answer.
    I am practising on some snowy white “Castledale” but already I want to play with colour.
    I have some dye to play with and there is a major wool/fibre festival coming up…
    I will study your blending journey to gain some tips.
    Such a pretty result Jen.
    Congratulations and thanks for opening the door on this lovely rabbit hole.

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