Earliest morning light greets me as I go into the dark kitchen to make a pot of tea. Certain times of year the rising sun aligns and finds a tiny window through acres of trees and pierces through to light up this antique oak ice chest in our kitchen, a real stonehenge-like occurrence near the equinoxes.   I really am fascinated with the play of light, and how it changes dramatically the perception of objects, and even emotions about them, or a room. Light moves swiftly as the colors that are created from it are a palette seemingly endless and varied.

A few minutes later you can see the light washing out a bit, and a shadow of a fir tree from the woods in front of the kitchen window…in a sort of woodsy magic shadow puppet show!


11 thoughts on “Golden

  1. Oh Jen ! This is so beautiful !
    In these days, I am so often impressed by nature illumination, that your morning pics are really touching my soul !
    What a perfect background, for the first cup of tea!

    • Petra hello! I think of you often and wonder sometimes if you are home, or still at your parents home, but wherever, it is always nice to have your presence come through, just like the first morning light and the first sip of delicious coffee or tea. I hope you’re doing well ~~ xx

      • Yes, I do ❤
        I always follow your activities, and are really astonished about your versatility!
        Fixing houses and Trails, creating old to new Shirts, having an eye on beauty and catching them with your camera!
        Tomorrow School starts again. So we are back home, and I will return to work on Friday. See how I can manage my Job, after this challenging summer…….
        Went for a walk at the Baltic sea today and collected all those wonderful nature colors! The sea and the sky are so soothing!

        • Well thank you Petra, that is a real compliment coming from a massively talented person as you are! What a challenging summer for you, undoubtedly difficult, but listen to that you say~~ you walked at the Baltic sea today! Wrap yourself in the sea and sky and sea birds and sounds of waves, and bring them home with you.

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