Knitting In A Room


Mid day light seems to pour though windows, filtered through a mulberry tree and various shrubs, into this quiet warm room. There is my favorite knitting chair, **temporarily transplanted from its mountain home to this echoey clean & empty place, kept company by my knitting basket, cup of coffee-to-go, and myself.  Oh, but is that a sleeve cradled in it’s seat?


Oh, perhaps more than just a sleeve, it looks like maybe three sleeves and two bodies, which means only one thing…


It is nearly time to join all the pieces together to make a couple of lovely cardigans to greet the Autumnal equinox.  My usual first weeks in September are all about this stretch of frenzy knitting into my favorite season of all.

I also wanted to share with you something very fun I ran across on a series of internet clicks I wandered down this morning, ending up at an old mill in UK.  Here is a room with spinning, and all the rhythms and sounds associated with milling yarn put to music, a lovely little video for you all to enjoy as I have, called ‘A Short Day At The Mill’…

And here is another similar, but with more footage called ” A Long Day At The Mill ”

** Knitting chair & basket is occupying a corner space in a room of the house Jeff has been renovating for nearly 6 months (with a little bit of my help) and finally, it is empty & glowingly ready to find a new owner, as I knit while waiting for real-estate agents to show intermittently.   No worries, I am not moving, nor is Jeff, this is but his old house in town that he lived in when we met in the summer of ’94.
Bye bye old house, it was nice revisiting your rooms, and I will miss you.

15 thoughts on “Knitting In A Room

  1. Good morning Jen. The house looks gorgeous with all the hard work you and Jeff have done inside and out, I am sure it will sell quickly. Your neices are very lucky to have an Aunt Jen that knits such wonderful things for them.

    Thank you for the video, I really enjoyed seeing the mill. What fun it would be to work there.
    Regards, Wendy 🙂

  2. I was thinking of you earlier on when I was at work. I love that picture! I hope your house sells quick. Looking forward to seeing your finished sweaters. They look beautiful and soft. Loved the video – would you mind if I shared it on my Facebook page? X

    • Hi Kelly, yes, yes, and yes! That is, yes, the house is finished and it will hopefully sell fast, meanwhile we have our home up on the mountain which has been neglected for 6 months, and I am getting ready for a load of work up here. And yes, please share the video, I only found it by accident, such a work of film art! I hope you’re doing well and we’ll catch up more soon. xx

  3. Fantastic !
    This room looks so good, as well as your knitting and of course the videos!
    Wouldn’t it be wonderful, to have more often empty spaces, which want to be filled with creativity ?!

    • Petra hello! I am excited about talking about knitting in a room that is empty except for the chair and yarns and well, coffee of course. It felt so quenching and nearly spiritual to look up from my knitting and see only clean newly painted walls the color of natural wool, and wood colored floor the color of brown wool. A room in or apart from the house to be filled with only creative feelings and thoughts about the needle work, it felt so connected to the ancient process without clutter of modern things around me to remind me of the present.

      • hahaha yes, I forgot to mention the coffee (lol) ….
        but right, all you describe, about your feelings to knit free of any “ballast” is what I imagine, when I saw your post.
        Knitting is so helpful to clear ones mind, and “empty” room are the same….. ( ohhh, this sounds nearly spiritual 😃 should go to bed – too late for more philosophy )

        Do you also know, as we say here: “knitting is the new Yoga” ❤

  4. This marvel which is an empty room, how it fills with thoughts and creative ideas of the person in it, how an empty room could do this so much better than a bedroom, or living room, or other-purpose oriented room. It is almost natural to think that every house should have a small empty room, one with a bright window.

  5. I am so glad somebody breathed life into that old Devonshire mill and uses it today, it looks a relic for sure. Lovely corner to knit, and I hope you sell Jeff’s old house quickly.

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