Out in Autumn (early).

jenjoycedesign© out in Autumn
jenjoycedesign© out in Autumn 5

We’ve spent two nights so far in the new house, so we’ve officially moved in, even though the construction mess is ongoing, we’re all just happy to be finally home.  Now I’m busy cleaning out the tiny house to its former glory before two humans, a dog, and countless spiders inhabited it for seventeen months, while Jeff continues the finish building.  I woke this morning early and watched the rose-gold sunrise, while Emma in her Help’emUp harness acclimates to the new front porch,  as that was one of her favorite places before, where she use to spend hours napping in the early mornings.

jenjoycedesign© Emma is back homeThis morning I went for a first walk from new home into the nearby vineyard.  Its harvest in the California Highlands, and the grapes up on the mountain are ripening to perfection.

jenjoycedesign© out in Autumn 2

jenjoycedesign© out in Autumn 3

We are back home, it is Autumn, and life is good.

23 thoughts on “Out in Autumn (early).

  1. Chookie, I’m chuffed to bits to see you have moved back home. It’s been a long time coming. Doesn’t Emma look great? I’ll email you soon. Was thinking about you the other night and wondering how you were. X

    • Kelly, Emma is hanging in there, and we’re helping her along the way. She really only likes to be in her car, not really sure about being inside this new place, I don’t know if she remembers, for two years is a long time for a dog. We’re thinking about you and Cuilly too, and hope you are greeting a new niece/nephew soon if not already! xx!

    • Yes Virginia, life is good, even for Emma, who might know we’re back home again, but she really just wants to be in her car napping now. I will keep bringing her in, but she lets me know when she’s had enough. I wonder if because she bonded with the back of the Rav4 when we escaped the wildfire (coming up swiftly on the two-year anniversary) and lived out of our cars for several days, and to her there’s no place like home ~~ in the back of her car… lol.

  2. A toast to your new home! And give Emma time to make it hers again. Remember, to her it all smells new, because it IS all newly built. The floor plan won’t seem familiar to her until you’ve all filled it with your scents and your daily activity.

    Best wishes!

    • Gretchen, yes, a toast to our new home, thank you! As for Emma, we will give her time, but her special place is in the back of the car, where it has been her peaceful safe place since we evacuated from the fire two years ago now. But I will keep bringing her in and let her hang out in her old favorite spots, until she’s had enough of it, when she lets us know. xx

    • Sarah, now 5 nights in the new house feels like a luxury hotel, even with walking around chop saws and stacks of tile and a pile of lumber parked in the west end of the big room, and even without any doors in the house but one. And yes Emma is adjusting, but her safe cave she craves is the car. I hope you are cozy this lovely October, spinning & knitting and doing what you love ~~ :heart: xx

        • The car became her cave when we ran from the fire, and she just love it in there. She and I just came back from the vet, she is having a test done because there is blood in her urine. I am just so happy every day she’s with us.
          On a side note, back at the Luxury Hotel, we’ve had no power now for two days as California is shutting down countless counties in the windstorm, and I’m roughing it. But I must tell you; This morning I did some knitting with Emma at my feet, and had my coffee, and it felt so nice, the ONLY sound was the ticking of the clock, oh, and the wind outside, dying down from a super windstorm in the night… I almost think it would be a nice ritual to have an hour without power each day while I’m home alone. Easy enough, we have a power switch in the coat closet! I might do that… my No-Power Hour (or two… just don’t want the freezer to thaw).

          • Wait, I feel like I’ve said all that about Emma’s car already, sorry if I keep repeating myself. Btw, today is the 2nd anniversary of the wildfire and I’m just so grateful to have made it back home. I just read in the paper, out of hundreds of homes being rebuilt (applied for permit, etc) I have learned that we’re in the 5 percent of folks who’ve ” already ” passed their final. I feel grateful for sure.

          • I am sorry to hear about Emma, I hope it is something easy to fix.

            A quiet hour each day is a good thing, isn’t it? I wondered if you were affected by the outages. I hope your freezer wasn’t too full! How long will it be out? And I assume you have well water up there. That’s a drag when the power is out, I know.

            So I am glad that you have a quiet time with Emma that you can relax and enjoy!

            • Sarah, Emma has a UTI, and will soon get an antibiotic when they grow the culture enough to know exactly which one! Meanwhile, the power came on last night around 5pm, and we’re all just scratching our heads about that one. We do have a well, so we’re fine, turns out the power never even went out in the cities which made sense. I hope you are having a lovely weekend!

              • Glad they felt safe enough to turn the power back on. So you can access your well without power? That’s great! We require electricity to run the pump.

                A UTI is fixable, yeah! I hope they get her on the meds quickly.

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