Two fast knits . . .

Already it is that time cozy season of Autumn again, my absolute favorite time of the year.  Although much later in Autumn than I have always begun in the past, I’m talking about it being time to knit the Autumn sweaters for my nieces.  I have had the yarn for about a month, but life got in the way, and as I’m just now feeling settled a little bit after being in the new house for already a week, I have cast on.  Past the hoop of the body, I am not yet sure what pattern I’m going to knit.   I have had lots of ideas over the last two years for a new sweater design, but  have not felt settled enough to even think or rise up out of perpetual indecision.   For these two fast knits I’m considering a few different yoke shapings as they go along, and they should go really fast.

I might decide to knit two Hillwalkers, or two Calidez’s,  one of each,  or something entirely new.   Number one, is that I’m not putting any expectations on myself, especially as yesterday was the second anniversary of the wildfire, and the event  very much reminded me how trauma & stress really can change a person’s performance.  All I can say is ~~ we will see.   Finished with the ribbing, and now ready for a bunch o’ rounds of stockinette body, so I’ll be busy with it for some time.  And then I can do the same for the light grey one,  and then I will decide how to proceed.

jenjoycedesign© Autumn Sweaters 2019

Oh! And tomorrow I meet my youngest niece in Calistoga to celebrate her 17th birthday ~~ and that I truly can not believe !

2 thoughts on “Two fast knits . . .

  1. Time sure has flown by. It is hard to be that it was been two years since the horrible fire. I am so happy that you have finally been able to move into your home.

    The sweaters will be lovely Jen. Happy 17th birthday to your niece.

    • Yes two years now, and I’m ready to not talk about it so much now and just get on with finish building our new house. Today a second door (to the downstairs bathroom) will go in, and Jeff will continue to work on his epic tiled shower stall project. I am not sure to leave Emma with him or take her with me, but I think she might actually enjoy the ride all the way up to Calistoga, then my niece and she can have a little visit. Thank you again for the surprise in the mail, I will cherish the vintage prints! xx

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